Transcript: BRN Grid Discussion from March 14th SLT 3pm.

Thank you all who came, below is a transcript of the discussion. Thank you Connie for the Transcript.

[2009/03/14 15:02]  LilMatty Althouse: ok will send this notice then start :)
[2009/03/14 15:03]  LilMatty Althouse: ok!
[2009/03/14 15:03]  Aamiene Despres: is this meeting open to all kiwis ?
[2009/03/14 15:03]  LilMatty Althouse: its open to any and everyone
[2009/03/14 15:04]  LilMatty Althouse: first of all thank you all for coming! I am so very happy that some people have come hehe i was worried
[2009/03/14 15:05]  LilMatty Althouse: basically as you know, LL has laid out changes about what may happen here with second life in regards to adult content
[2009/03/14 15:06]  LilMatty Althouse: and as many of you know it is most likely in the general direction of a grid merger with the teen grid.
[2009/03/14 15:06]  Contagious Republic: yes, it might ruin my business model and I don’t even doadult tuff
[2009/03/14 15:06]  BlkVelvet Jewell: exactly what does that mean
[2009/03/14 15:06]  LilMatty Althouse: what this means is that Linden Labs as a company has made the decision that all adult content
[2009/03/14 15:07]  Quentin Bosshart: Well, Im happy for the NZ in SL club we have no mature content
[2009/03/14 15:07]  Contagious Republic: I have a sandbox where young people are very attracted, ask too many questions, and don’t have money to buy my product
[2009/03/14 15:07]  Contagious Republic: I am forced to kick the mout regularly
[2009/03/14 15:07]  Quentin Bosshart: We list as mature
[2009/03/14 15:07]  LilMatty Althouse: must be seperated from the main content in order to create a better user experience, and as far as I am aware most likely prepare second life for what will be a grid merger between tennage grid and main grid.
[2009/03/14 15:07]  Contagious Republic: if they are allowed to come, I can no longer pay rend because too many clueless morons
[2009/03/14 15:07]  Quentin Bosshart: But we have no sex related stuff at all, its just a meeting place
[2009/03/14 15:08]  LilMatty Althouse: no matter if you have adult content or not…. there will be a lot of changes that come
[2009/03/14 15:08]  LilMatty Althouse: in particular the shape of the continent will change and the grid will change
[2009/03/14 15:08]  Quentin Bosshart: Yes and they may ** it up
[2009/03/14 15:08]  LilMatty Althouse: they are planning to relocate adult parcels
[2009/03/14 15:08]  BlkVelvet Jewell: dang
[2009/03/14 15:08]  Carson Quinnell: does that mean we get to choose between the free sex places and hanging out with teens?
[2009/03/14 15:08]  Contagious Republic: yes, the continent change will affect me as well
[2009/03/14 15:08]  Quentin Bosshart: We intend to become non adult
[2009/03/14 15:09]  Connie Darcy: will taht include any shops selling adult items, skins etc., matty?
[2009/03/14 15:09]  BlkVelvet Jewell: ok what if ur parcel only has like sexbals and movies is that something that would have to be moved
[2009/03/14 15:09]  Kalli Birman: it will largely effect the art world as well…at Da Vinci we have erotic art and mature themed art
[2009/03/14 15:09]  Contagious Republic: I recall you can just flag it mature
[2009/03/14 15:09]  LilMatty Althouse: well connie thats still being debated the sad thing is lindens do not know what is considered adult, a lot of people are upset about private houses but it seems lindens will make an exception for private homes, but then if its inthe public view that may now become a violation.
[2009/03/14 15:10]  BlkVelvet Jewell: my sims areal falged mature
[2009/03/14 15:10]  BlkVelvet Jewell: flaged
[2009/03/14 15:10]  LilMatty Althouse: there is a litle problem now in terms of the verification system
[2009/03/14 15:10]  Quentin Bosshart: Yes good point, I’ll hjave to check our links
[2009/03/14 15:10]  LilMatty Althouse: as some of you may be aware this system is against the law in many places in the EU
[2009/03/14 15:10]  LilMatty Althouse: what this means is that LL will have to create a new verification system
[2009/03/14 15:10]  BlkVelvet Jewell: but to have to move sims for little things tenenats use inthere homes is crazy
[2009/03/14 15:10]  LilMatty Althouse: and that sadly may just be a creditcard attatched to account.
[2009/03/14 15:10]  Contagious Republic: which system is agaisnt the law, current of upcoming?
[2009/03/14 15:11]  Quentin Bosshart: Well if they make it hard, they are doomed
[2009/03/14 15:11]  Quentin Bosshart: Oh and if they make it costly they are also doomed
[2009/03/14 15:11]  Quentin Bosshart: But thats up to them
[2009/03/14 15:11]  LilMatty Althouse: for some of you as old as me, as i have been here since the beta days, we use to be on a creditcard verification model
[2009/03/14 15:12]  LilMatty Althouse: the current one contagious
[2009/03/14 15:12]  BlkVelvet Jewell: next we wil have to pay for havingsexual content on sims
[2009/03/14 15:12]  LilMatty Althouse: this does not block children from accessing second life
[2009/03/14 15:12]  Quentin Bosshart: The proof of the pudding is in the eating
[2009/03/14 15:12]  BlkVelvet Jewell: many kids in sl under there parent accts
[2009/03/14 15:12]  BlkVelvet Jewell: we are not mindreaders
[2009/03/14 15:12]  Contagious Republic: the proof in the pudding is sometimes in the indigestion.
[2009/03/14 15:12]  LilMatty Althouse: infact here in new zealand you can purchase a prepaid creditcard and attatch it to your accoutn and purchase lindens as a child with no effort at all just 25 dollars and a walk down to the store.
[2009/03/14 15:13]  Carson Quinnell: omgosh
[2009/03/14 15:13]  Contagious Republic: and at the opposite end, I can’t get a credit card if my life depended on it, yet I am 37 and full of money
[2009/03/14 15:13]  Connie Darcy: wow
[2009/03/14 15:14]  Carson Quinnell: amazing
[2009/03/14 15:14]  LilMatty Althouse: mmmm
[2009/03/14 15:14]  Contagious Republic: it’s been that way for decades
[2009/03/14 15:14]  Sugar Silverstar: i thought visa cards were handed out like lollies
[2009/03/14 15:14]  Contagious Republic: I should immigrate, then. My country is not good to me
[2009/03/14 15:15]  LilMatty Althouse: well this is the way I see it, and bare with me.
[2009/03/14 15:16]  LilMatty Althouse: LL is forcing all those dealing in anything adult or anything they deem to be adult remember that they have not decided what is adult so saying you do not deal in adult content may be untrue, there is a debate now about if selling skins depicting semi naked people is adult.
[2009/03/14 15:16]  LilMatty Althouse: to relocate to what will msot likely be a new continent, which will require verification to access
[2009/03/14 15:16]  LilMatty Althouse: in doing this they are essentially creating what will be a red light district of second life
[2009/03/14 15:17]  Contagious Republic: I am more worried about 12 year olds overrunning my sandbox day in and day out and never bying anything.
[2009/03/14 15:17]  Solomon Mosely: yes a new ghetto
[2009/03/14 15:17]  LilMatty Althouse: in doing this they create the opportunity for a grid merger between adult second life
[2009/03/14 15:17]  LilMatty Althouse: and teen second life
[2009/03/14 15:17]  BlkVelvet Jewell: does this effect all land commercial and residental
[2009/03/14 15:17]  Contagious Republic: but I feel the pain of the adult or semi-adult store to
[2009/03/14 15:17]  LilMatty Althouse: this is because SL has announced a new business model where no longer are corporations the target but education providers
[2009/03/14 15:18]  Carson Quinnell: I mentor and college kids are really coming thru the HI’s
[2009/03/14 15:18]  LilMatty Althouse: when I heard of this through a friend within LL I began to send letters to Jack lindens and otherl lindens
[2009/03/14 15:18]  Connie Darcy: hi & welcome all
[2009/03/14 15:18]  Sugar Silverstar: wow what happend to our fun world without all the rL stuff
[2009/03/14 15:18]  Carson Quinnell: no kidding
[2009/03/14 15:19]  CoryLee Michalak: i’m a college student that has a job working for my college developing our sim for the distance education dept
[2009/03/14 15:19]  LilMatty Althouse: sadly SL went through a boom, and LL cashed in for cheap money, now the lindens are faced with a dire situation, a lot of land, a lot of parcels
[2009/03/14 15:19]  Ann Newell: Sl is becoming rl
[2009/03/14 15:19]  Sugar Silverstar: yes:(
[2009/03/14 15:19]  LilMatty Althouse: I also suspect a grid change will result in a lot of sims through relocation being closed
[2009/03/14 15:19]  Carson Quinnell: I think the college thing is great…have had a blast with the students that have come thru
[2009/03/14 15:19]  Quentin Bosshart: Well if we cant just have a G rated non profit club for kiwis then SL is ****
[2009/03/14 15:19]  LilMatty Althouse: that question was razed quen
[2009/03/14 15:20]  LilMatty Althouse: this is thel inden answer to that question
[2009/03/14 15:20]  Quentin Bosshart: So we are the litmus lest
[2009/03/14 15:20]  LilMatty Althouse: This is not about teenagers in Second Life or the Teen Grid. This is about providing a choice about the kind of experience people want to have in Second Life, which is fundamentally an 18+ service.
[2009/03/14 15:20]  Quentin Bosshart: Well we will see
[2009/03/14 15:20]  Contagious Republic: I teach people how to turn linksets into sculpties with my inworld tool. But for some unknown reason I have to ban, kick out, report 12 year olds on a daily basis
[2009/03/14 15:20]  Sugar Silverstar: wow 12 year olds
[2009/03/14 15:21]  Carson Quinnell: I’ve had 8 and 9 yr olds come to the HI’s
[2009/03/14 15:21]  LilMatty Althouse: however sadly they are masking what is there ultimate goal. as stated by philip rosedale earlier thsi year, we want to merge the grids.
[2009/03/14 15:21]  Sugar Silverstar: how do you know ?
[2009/03/14 15:21]  Carson Quinnell: the kids tell em
[2009/03/14 15:21]  Carson Quinnell: *me
[2009/03/14 15:21]  Connie Darcy: horses mouth
[2009/03/14 15:21]  Sugar Silverstar: ooh
[2009/03/14 15:22]  Contagious Republic: From the griefer style it is sometimes obvious
[2009/03/14 15:22]  LilMatty Althouse: nods
[2009/03/14 15:22]  Sugar Silverstar: ah yes true
[2009/03/14 15:22]  Carson Quinnell: but to have them actually removed you need them to say how old they are
[2009/03/14 15:22]  LilMatty Althouse: sadly a lot of children are let in SL by their parents under the belief that their children will be safe if here with them- which I have to disagree with.
[2009/03/14 15:22]  Carson Quinnell: then an AR is filed and LL collects them
[2009/03/14 15:23]  Carson Quinnell: I agree Matty
[2009/03/14 15:23]  BlkVelvet Jewell: they are not safe
[2009/03/14 15:23]  Sugar Silverstar: nooo they are not safe here
[2009/03/14 15:23]  Ann Newell: but kids cant be wrape in cotton wool
[2009/03/14 15:24]  Taff Nouvelle: they are safe if the parenmts are at the computer with them
[2009/03/14 15:24]  BlkVelvet Jewell: not always
[2009/03/14 15:24]  LilMatty Althouse: thats true ann but when a 15 year old enters SL and gets controlled by a gorean master and sinks into the ‘world’there is trouble, which happened in 2007
[2009/03/14 15:24]  Taff Nouvelle: how?
[2009/03/14 15:24]  Sugar Silverstar: but are parents home all the time?
[2009/03/14 15:24]  Taff Nouvelle: then password the computer :-)
[2009/03/14 15:24]  Ann Newell: i heard about that, i was sort of involed
[2009/03/14 15:25]  BlkVelvet Jewell: the parent dont be payn attention to the kids they be doin there own thing in sl
[2009/03/14 15:25]  Taff Nouvelle: it is the parents respinsibility, not uors
[2009/03/14 15:25]  Ann Newell: i was a witness to darlington
[2009/03/14 15:25]  Carson Quinnell: that’s true but I don’t want to play with children
[2009/03/14 15:25]  jenna Fitzgerald accepted your inventory offer.
[2009/03/14 15:25]  Ferdynand Straaf: Agrees with Taff, but thinks it is good that also sl takes a responsibility
[2009/03/14 15:25]  Sugar Silverstar: no i dont either
[2009/03/14 15:25]  Taff Nouvelle: that is the point of making a seperate ara
[2009/03/14 15:26]  BlkVelvet Jewell: but why move us
[2009/03/14 15:26]  Taff Nouvelle: LL are segregating the other way that is all, allowing sex on certain area
[2009/03/14 15:26]  Contagious Republic: half the parents have someting like their cat name as password, or can have their password bought with crying or doing chores. There is no way a 15 year old can’t get to SL if no rl locks are used, really.
[2009/03/14 15:26]  BlkVelvet Jewell: make a world for the ones they want there
[2009/03/14 15:26]  Connie Darcy: so they can more effectively create a teen ‘area’ in mainland
[2009/03/14 15:26]  Kalli Birman: the biggest problem with society in general is the lack of parent involvement in their childrens lives….with Grand Theft Auto kids can rape and kill hookers…but 1/2 my 12 yos friends are allowed to play it w/o monitoring
[2009/03/14 15:26]  Taff Nouvelle: the same as they used to keep the kids chained, they will now keep sex chained
[2009/03/14 15:26]  BlkVelvet Jewell: thats ajoke really the sex wil get thru any way
[2009/03/14 15:26]  Solomon Mosely: if there is going to be a new flagging and search system why the need to move sims.
[2009/03/14 15:26]  Solomon Mosely: ?
[2009/03/14 15:27]  BlkVelvet Jewell: just like drugs in rl
[2009/03/14 15:27]  Taff Nouvelle: age verificatyion
[2009/03/14 15:27]  Carson Quinnell: and so will the kids
[2009/03/14 15:27]  LilMatty Althouse: yesa new flagging and search system
[2009/03/14 15:27]  Solomon Mosely: no one move physically anyway
[2009/03/14 15:27]  LilMatty Althouse: but i think the worry is
[2009/03/14 15:27]  Connie Darcy: becuase as things are, there are too many PG & Mature sims adjacent
[2009/03/14 15:27]  BlkVelvet Jewell: age verificationmany dont have
[2009/03/14 15:27]  Taff Nouvelle: yes connie
[2009/03/14 15:27]  Ann Newell: theres nothing wrong with the kids playing the games as long as they are told whats right and whats wrong
[2009/03/14 15:27]  LilMatty Althouse: with a new glagging and search system, the verification process will be fine tuned as the current one is against the law
[2009/03/14 15:27]  BlkVelvet Jewell: u would loose many ppl
[2009/03/14 15:27]  BlkVelvet Jewell: for some reason they cant be verified
[2009/03/14 15:27]  Contagious Republic: Blk: well in rl kids can get beer, porn, and in some states ammo at the corner store. Just like hat. But then they go all moralistic when it’s done online.
[2009/03/14 15:27]  LilMatty Althouse: 4) We will implement account verification systems that provide an additional level of assurance for providers of Adult content that only adults are able to access their content. Such a system might be tied, for instance, to a verified payment method like a credit card, a validation by our age verification provider, or another credible method of validation.
[2009/03/14 15:28]  LilMatty Althouse: that is from LL.
[2009/03/14 15:28]  Taff Nouvelle: they will not have to lave, just not go to sex sims
[2009/03/14 15:28]  Keanu Kharg: isnt this just another try to 1 spend less money since they ll only have to provide 1 grid and 2. draw a lot of mature ppl to the mainland again since there there is prob where the sex area will be? OS all over again?
[2009/03/14 15:28]  Connie Darcy: but they already lost many residents, that is why this is happening
[2009/03/14 15:28]  BlkVelvet Jewell: this is just a practise ground for the wicked
[2009/03/14 15:28]  Taff Nouvelle: my only fear is that they are trying to get rid of private sims
[2009/03/14 15:28]  LilMatty Althouse: LL is hoping not the children will spend money if such a grid merger is allowde but more that education providers will.
[2009/03/14 15:28]  Ann Newell: i wouldnt be happy with account verification systems, i personaly dont have a cridit card
[2009/03/14 15:29]  BlkVelvet Jewell: they do al this change and really nothing wil change ppl wil find a way around anything
[2009/03/14 15:29]  Connie Darcy: Taff, theyre managing that already, sadly
[2009/03/14 15:29]  Taff Nouvelle: without verification, you will be limited to PG sims, thats all
[2009/03/14 15:29]  Taff Nouvelle: yes they are Connie
[2009/03/14 15:29]  LilMatty Althouse: taff- pg and mature
[2009/03/14 15:29]  LilMatty Althouse: but nothing flagged adult
[2009/03/14 15:29]  Ann Newell: so i have to go get a credit card to play sl :S
[2009/03/14 15:29]  Taff Nouvelle: yes true Matty
[2009/03/14 15:30]  Taff Nouvelle: no sex sims is all :-)
[2009/03/14 15:30]  BlkVelvet Jewell: wel i cant wait to see what they concider adult
[2009/03/14 15:30]  LilMatty Althouse: but then to find a creditcard to verify you only need to find a prepaid one, you can buy them here in new zealand at the post shpo for 25 nzd.
[2009/03/14 15:30]  Taff Nouvelle: I would guess that they will disallow pre paid
[2009/03/14 15:30]  Connie Darcy: WITHOUT age verification mind
[2009/03/14 15:30]  Taff Nouvelle: it HAS to be linked to a verified account
[2009/03/14 15:31]  Taff Nouvelle: bank account I mean
[2009/03/14 15:31]  Sugar Silverstar: would that sort of credit card count though? after all when the credit on it runs out its finished isnt it?
[2009/03/14 15:31]  BlkVelvet Jewell: ther eis many ppl old enough without the proper papers to be verified sadly
[2009/03/14 15:31]  Contagious Republic: I should go to a new zealand store then. And cheat the system using 12 year old type tricks. How low SL has fallen to force me to do that??
[2009/03/14 15:31]  LilMatty Althouse: (for thoseo f you with trouble seeing, I suggest you turn your environment settings to midnight, things are a little glowy)
[2009/03/14 15:31]  Taff Nouvelle: is sex all there is in SL?
[2009/03/14 15:32]  Sugar Silverstar: im often asked that :)))
[2009/03/14 15:32]  LilMatty Althouse: no taff but this is the first step in many on what can be a worrying situation
[2009/03/14 15:32]  Taff Nouvelle: I cannot remember the last time I visited a sex shop here :-)
[2009/03/14 15:32]  LilMatty Althouse: my beautiful mainland may be destroyed :( with a continent change.
[2009/03/14 15:32]  BlkVelvet Jewell: i dont be around the sex stuff so there is much more than sex in sl
[2009/03/14 15:32]  Ann Newell: lol yes, sex and shopping
[2009/03/14 15:32]  LilMatty Althouse: that worries me
[2009/03/14 15:32]  Contagious Republic: Taff: certainly not. There are whole sims dedicated to the fear of porn, too.
[2009/03/14 15:32]  Sugar Silverstar: whhatt ??
[2009/03/14 15:32]  BlkVelvet Jewell: u can explore al day and not go by sex
[2009/03/14 15:33]  BlkVelvet Jewell: unless u want to
[2009/03/14 15:33]  Taff Nouvelle: the worry seems to be that sex will be hifdden, surely that is not all bad?
[2009/03/14 15:33]  LilMatty Althouse: i never go near it
[2009/03/14 15:33]  Connie Darcy: by selective LM exploring, yes
[2009/03/14 15:33]  LilMatty Althouse: taff my worry is in the terms of continent change
[2009/03/14 15:33]  Ann Newell: ya dont know what ya missing :P lol
[2009/03/14 15:33]  LilMatty Althouse: land relocation
[2009/03/14 15:33]  LilMatty Althouse: what may be deemed adult is skins depicing to much…
[2009/03/14 15:34]  Taff Nouvelle: it has been said that skins will be allowed
[2009/03/14 15:34]  Keanu Kharg: age verification can happen in a lot of ways atm, numbers of passport, driverslicens, creditcards,….
[2009/03/14 15:34]  Connie Darcy: most skins are sold with a full display vendor…
[2009/03/14 15:34]  BlkVelvet Jewell: thats silly in rl u see maniquins inthe store front naked
[2009/03/14 15:34]  BlkVelvet Jewell: ppl walk the street half naked
[2009/03/14 15:34]  Contagious Republic: They should really allow adults to log into teen grid instead, while teens only get teen grid.
[2009/03/14 15:34]  Connie Darcy: so, our avis are to be regarded as mannequins?
[2009/03/14 15:34]  Sugar Silverstar: yes of course you do nude is used in advertising all the time
[2009/03/14 15:34]  BlkVelvet Jewell: no
[2009/03/14 15:35]  Keanu Kharg: adults in the teengrid?
[2009/03/14 15:35]  Contagious Republic: well we do comewithout… genitals
[2009/03/14 15:35]  BlkVelvet Jewell: im sayn as for skins bein adult content
[2009/03/14 15:35]  Ann Newell: i dont think ya should hide kids from the sex world
[2009/03/14 15:35]  Contagious Republic: yeah, like thei parents for once.
[2009/03/14 15:35]  Kalli Birman: they have let adults into the ten grid ebfore for educational projects
[2009/03/14 15:35]  Solomon Mosely: well, cont., i would think this is to bring ten dollaras to main grid
[2009/03/14 15:35]  Connie Darcy: contagious: the issue isnt access, its the pending closure of teen grid
[2009/03/14 15:35]  Ann Newell: i just think perents should be informed more about what sl can really be about
[2009/03/14 15:35]  Ferdynand Straaf: agrees with Ann, make it forbidden will attract more kids
[2009/03/14 15:36]  Contagious Republic: well some teen assets will be wasted then as 2 grid uuid collide??
[2009/03/14 15:36]  Dave Behemoth: yes
[2009/03/14 15:36]  BlkVelvet Jewell: the teens have been commin here al the long cuz they say its boring there
[2009/03/14 15:36]  Connie Darcy: some do
[2009/03/14 15:36]  LilMatty Althouse: there has already been an uproad because many people say if you allow children in SL you musth ave all the child avatars banned which some of you may agree with, I do not as I play a child and I can explain why ina notecard…. there was also another fear furries would be removed from non adult land… sadly the community has a big divide in it, on what is considdered adult…
[2009/03/14 15:36]  Taff Nouvelle: I see no reason to ban child avatars
[2009/03/14 15:37]  Ann Newell: isnt ther furs in teen grid?
[2009/03/14 15:37]  LilMatty Althouse: no idea Ann never been.
[2009/03/14 15:37]  Lazarus Rang: I think it incumbant upon LINDEN to provide us SPECIFICS of alllowed and disallowed content and actions as defiend by their legal people, or wavier all corrective actions until they can provide that as part od TOS. TOS is already a minefieled of interpretations.
[2009/03/14 15:37]  BlkVelvet Jewell: what does avs have to do wit anything thats silly to ban a child av
[2009/03/14 15:37]  Ann Newell: i think ther must be
[2009/03/14 15:37]  Taff Nouvelle: they are doing that, read the forum
[2009/03/14 15:38]  LilMatty Althouse: the forums are where all these points have been raised
[2009/03/14 15:38]  Taff Nouvelle: there have been many answers to questions there
[2009/03/14 15:38]  BlkVelvet Jewell: i have to read again
[2009/03/14 15:38]  Contagious Republic: for child avatars, it’s the “too convenient for perverts to use them quietly in some private sim” argument.
[2009/03/14 15:39]  BlkVelvet Jewell: matty do we actually really have any say so in what happens
[2009/03/14 15:39]  Taff Nouvelle: there will be problems, but I believe that this is a good thing, IF handled well.
[2009/03/14 15:39]  BlkVelvet Jewell: or wil we just be gettn worked up for nothing
[2009/03/14 15:39]  Keanu Kharg: i cant see the good of teens getting in adult sl
[2009/03/14 15:39]  Taff Nouvelle: they are already here
[2009/03/14 15:39]  Keanu Kharg: griefing will go up like crazy
[2009/03/14 15:39]  Taff Nouvelle: no you are wrong there
[2009/03/14 15:40]  Solomon Mosely: kids are a part of any community
[2009/03/14 15:40]  Ann Newell: there are kids al rdy here
[2009/03/14 15:40]  BlkVelvet Jewell: we have enough adults actn childish i didnt say as childern i say actn childish
[2009/03/14 15:40]  Taff Nouvelle: why do you assume that all teenas are trouble makers?
[2009/03/14 15:40]  Keanu Kharg: there are kids here already yes
[2009/03/14 15:40]  Contagious Republic: not all, lol
[2009/03/14 15:40]  LilMatty Althouse: I believe blk, we have a say… at leasti npolicy making, and if not a say we at least this time are being given a chance to try to have a say. I think that as a community, and their customers they do have an obligation to give some thought to our concerns
[2009/03/14 15:40]  Kalli Birman: yes…my daughter is in sl
[2009/03/14 15:40]  BlkVelvet Jewell: many grown ass trouble makers have nbuttn better to do
[2009/03/14 15:40]  Taff Nouvelle: not by a LONG way :-)
[2009/03/14 15:40]  Sugar Silverstar: yes i know of several teens here
[2009/03/14 15:40]  Kalli Birman: and she has doen no griefing
[2009/03/14 15:40]  Keanu Kharg: but from then on the message to parents will be: get your kids in the into adult sl, it s allowed
[2009/03/14 15:40]  Contagious Republic: just enough for the difference between real life rent paid, and not enough money to afford internet
[2009/03/14 15:40]  Keanu Kharg: so there will be a lot more
[2009/03/14 15:40]  Taff Nouvelle: most want to live here as we do :-)
[2009/03/14 15:41]  Kalli Birman: and she is not allowed on unless me or one of my friends are in world to monitor her
[2009/03/14 15:41]  BlkVelvet Jewell: wel this is better the when the casinos went at least thisisnt something brought on by the big lawmakers
[2009/03/14 15:41]  Taff Nouvelle: this is to open SL for the real people
[2009/03/14 15:41]  BlkVelvet Jewell: we may have a chance to be heard
[2009/03/14 15:42]  Ann Newell: it wont happen, they wont bring kids in to the adult world
[2009/03/14 15:42]  Dave Behemoth: I can’t see that happening either
[2009/03/14 15:42]  BlkVelvet Jewell: .
[2009/03/14 15:42]  BlkVelvet Jewell: look how things turned around with the open sim mess
[2009/03/14 15:42]  Ann Newell: they will have far tomany law suits to clean up if they do
[2009/03/14 15:42]  Contagious Republic: ya, i recall some people built gambling engine LOOKS and got banned overnight with all assets erased. They weren’t even gambling, just a museum of gambling
[2009/03/14 15:42]  BlkVelvet Jewell: the ppl came together
[2009/03/14 15:42]  Taff Nouvelle: that is the whole point Ann, they will be taking tyhe adult world OUT of SL proper
[2009/03/14 15:42]  Keanu Kharg: things didnt turn around with OS at all
[2009/03/14 15:42]  Keanu Kharg: they did what ehy planned
[2009/03/14 15:43]  BlkVelvet Jewell: wel they listened to the ppl inthe end on os
[2009/03/14 15:43]  Keanu Kharg: not really
[2009/03/14 15:43]  LilMatty Althouse: sadly ann when the relocation process is done, this will no longer be an adult world
[2009/03/14 15:43]  Taff Nouvelle: no
[2009/03/14 15:43]  Sugar Silverstar: is it an economic desision ? is it cheaper for them to have the 2 grids combined?
[2009/03/14 15:43]  Keanu Kharg: ofc
[2009/03/14 15:43]  Taff Nouvelle: it will be a place that is fun to come to, not a sex playground
[2009/03/14 15:43]  Connie Darcy: so it seems
[2009/03/14 15:43]  LilMatty Althouse: and the adult world will be a red light district… i call it SLamsterdam where everything LL deems adult will be slammed shut on a seperate continent
[2009/03/14 15:43]  BlkVelvet Jewell: id like to know what we can do to not be relocated
[2009/03/14 15:43]  Keanu Kharg: and a lot of adults will move to the mainland for their sex
[2009/03/14 15:43]  Keanu Kharg: thats what this is about
[2009/03/14 15:44]  Keanu Kharg: make mainland more atractive
[2009/03/14 15:44]  Contagious Republic: nah just one of those legislator decided (without ever going online) what is good for sl.
[2009/03/14 15:44]  Taff Nouvelle: I agree there
[2009/03/14 15:44]  Keanu Kharg: and only support 1 grid
[2009/03/14 15:44]  Sugar Silverstar: ooh yes
[2009/03/14 15:44]  Lazarus Rang: in light of these economic times, LL will be shooting themselves in the bottom line by too sweeping changes …. sex is a signinificant source of the revenue on SL, as are GORIAN and BDSM items, adult skins, and adult role play activities. IF those are curtailed, SL will soon need to find a new, very fat revenue stream people want to waste time pursuing.
[2009/03/14 15:44]  LilMatty Althouse: sugar – it is very much an economic decision, no only in terms of keeping them afloat incost but also in that the lindens want to attract education providers to fill that gap that the corporations are leaving well i should say hole.
[2009/03/14 15:44]  Taff Nouvelle: BUT it will only be attractive to those who are here only for sex
[2009/03/14 15:45]  Connie Darcy: which is a sizeable chunk of SL – <think brazilian>
[2009/03/14 15:45]  LilMatty Althouse: i also believe and have been hinted by the lindens, that hte linden purchase of onrez and SLX… were due to these adult changes, they wanted control to make sure that teens if allowed in SL would not be allowed to purchase these adult items. Onrez/SLX (whatever it is called now) will also have a verification system put in place, when the rest of SL has one.
[2009/03/14 15:46]  Contagious Republic: so every sex shop will have a porn cinema and an orgy house as neighboor, and a gorean sim nearby. Big deal.
[2009/03/14 15:46]  Ann Newell: i dont see it happeing, i’m sorry, if they let all kids run around nude, as they well, there will be big mind blowing law suits poping up also
[2009/03/14 15:46]  Keanu Kharg: i pitty estateowners really, this is the 2nd time they ll get screwed in 6 months time
[2009/03/14 15:46]  Solomon Mosely: well, more unhappy uses here will help eveolve the metavers outside of sl.
[2009/03/14 15:46]  Kalli Birman: Open Life
[2009/03/14 15:46]  Taff Nouvelle: ok they lost a lot of people with the OS fiasco
[2009/03/14 15:46]  Taff Nouvelle: now there are 85,000 on line
[2009/03/14 15:46]  LilMatty Althouse: Ann – if you can see if happening or not… LL has made the announcements, they have given a time line, in 6 weeks they will state what is policy and move from there.
[2009/03/14 15:47]  Ann Newell: *cant
[2009/03/14 15:47]  LilMatty Althouse: 78307 to be exact.
[2009/03/14 15:47]  Connie Darcy: (sees more online = more bots)
[2009/03/14 15:47]  Ann Newell is a typo queen
[2009/03/14 15:47]  Taff Nouvelle: you have to assume it will happen and de4cide where you are going from there.
[2009/03/14 15:47]  LilMatty Althouse: I agree with connie there is a very large bot problem.
[2009/03/14 15:47]  Lazarus Rang: I have a question I would like feedback on , in light of this. I live an alternat lifestyle on SL, with a poly-marriage and a large home on am adult sim
[2009/03/14 15:48]  Taff Nouvelle: behind your own door is your affair
[2009/03/14 15:48]  Taff Nouvelle: that has been stated
[2009/03/14 15:48]  Contagious Republic: oh ya, turn off traffic meters and boom almost no bots! except for spammers.
[2009/03/14 15:48]  Connie Darcy: exactly , cont
[2009/03/14 15:48]  LilMatty Althouse: my friend had 4 of them online yesterday and I know of an RP sim that has around 40 so the question of if the poulation is really the population or not is also a big one.
[2009/03/14 15:48]  Lazarus Rang: will these changes mean we cannot haev a sex life because some minor may cam in?
[2009/03/14 15:48]  Taff Nouvelle: no Laz, that has already been stated on the forum
[2009/03/14 15:48]  LilMatty Althouse: lazarus the lindens assure everyone that, that will not happen.
[2009/03/14 15:49]  Sugar Silverstar: oohh of course that could easily happen
[2009/03/14 15:49]  Taff Nouvelle: what you do in your home is your concern
[2009/03/14 15:49]  LilMatty Althouse: however if your dealing in over explicit content you will be required to relocate.
[2009/03/14 15:49]  Taff Nouvelle: if you are SDELLING yes Matty
[2009/03/14 15:49]  Ann Newell: ok its going to happen, i wanna see how there goping to control it
[2009/03/14 15:49]  Sugar Silverstar: who decides what that is
[2009/03/14 15:49]  Ann Newell: *going
[2009/03/14 15:50]  Keanu Kharg: basically we cant really do anything untill they state what they mean wiith “mature”
[2009/03/14 15:50]  Taff Nouvelle: I am afraid it will be up to AR complaints again
[2009/03/14 15:50]  Taff Nouvelle: and that is one problem I caqn see
[2009/03/14 15:50]  LilMatty Althouse: taff :) dealing means sell or giving out free– i run freebie stores, i do not run stores, i do not sell i give out so dealing in my mind is appropriates. :) :) the word that should be used.
[2009/03/14 15:51]  Ann Newell: so whens this going to happen? when the deadline for teens to invade us?
[2009/03/14 15:51]  LilMatty Althouse: hmmm there is good news in spite of all this though
[2009/03/14 15:51]  LilMatty Althouse: which the lindens have mentioned in a chat with me before.
[2009/03/14 15:51]  Taff Nouvelle: you can keep posting on the forums so that LL get to see your worries
[2009/03/14 15:51]  LilMatty Althouse: and thats with relocation and a lot of clubs being moved, lagi n the mianland may drop a lot.
[2009/03/14 15:51]  Taff Nouvelle: that can only be good Matty :-)
[2009/03/14 15:51]  LilMatty Althouse: 10 to 20% of mainland lag is generated by the over-use of scripts, mostly generated by clubs.
[2009/03/14 15:52]  Taff Nouvelle: very true
[2009/03/14 15:52]  Lazarus Rang: “When they came for the Jews, I did not object, for I was not a Jew. When they came for the Catholics, I did not object, for I was not a Catholic. When they came for the Trade Unionist, I did not object, for I was not a Trade Unionist. When they came for the me, there was no one left to object.” I wonder if this is where we are heading in a couple more years.
[2009/03/14 15:52]  Taff Nouvelle: badly written scripts as well :-)
[2009/03/14 15:52]  Ann Newell: na i would say its prob more % than that
[2009/03/14 15:52]  Ann Newell: lol
[2009/03/14 15:52]  LilMatty Althouse: they abundence of tip jars and sex polls many of which are not in use but active, will be moved. because they were badly written.
[2009/03/14 15:52]  Keanu Kharg: but wont those same clubs create the same lag on other sims?
[2009/03/14 15:52]  LilMatty Althouse: keanu they will be relocated to their own continent
[2009/03/14 15:52]  Taff Nouvelle: yes, in sex sims
[2009/03/14 15:52]  Taff Nouvelle: and they can have it :-))
[2009/03/14 15:52]  Keanu Kharg: so they arent solving the lag prob
[2009/03/14 15:52]  LilMatty Althouse: they will be running a different server with verification in built.
[2009/03/14 15:53]  Keanu Kharg: they are relocating it
[2009/03/14 15:53]  Ann Newell: do we have a date for this yet, or is this just plans?
[2009/03/14 15:53]  LilMatty Althouse: yes keanu but if al lthe lagi si n the same place, people might be more considerate of their abundence of scripts hehe.
[2009/03/14 15:53]  LilMatty Althouse: ann
[2009/03/14 15:53]  LilMatty Althouse: 6 weeks they announce policies
[2009/03/14 15:53]  LilMatty Althouse: whati s adult and what is not
[2009/03/14 15:53]  Taff Nouvelle: 6 weeks for the first draft
[2009/03/14 15:53]  Connie Darcy: its planned for this year
[2009/03/14 15:53]  LilMatty Althouse: and in 6 weeks they will announce a draft of the time line
[2009/03/14 15:54]  Ann Newell: ahh i see :)
[2009/03/14 15:54]  LilMatty Althouse: all changes will probably be made within 6 months from that date
[2009/03/14 15:54]  Ann Newell: so the time line could be yrs
[2009/03/14 15:54]  LilMatty Althouse: much like the OS closures
[2009/03/14 15:54]  Taff Nouvelle: I expect the teen grid to merge by Xmas
[2009/03/14 15:54]  Carson Quinnell: getting better security
[2009/03/14 15:54]  Lazarus Rang: A lot of time and money and work go into a club with mostly fristration trying to make it pay for itself, Piling them together will reduce the number, but a lot of avatars will be out of income.
[2009/03/14 15:54]  Taff Nouvelle: that has not been stated though
[2009/03/14 15:55]  Taff Nouvelle: yes that is true
[2009/03/14 15:55]  Contagious Republic: ya, they will fuck up greatly, then put gift wrapping as bandage and call it ideal and well handled all over again.
[2009/03/14 15:55]  LilMatty Althouse: no Ann, thats what people said about opensims they were closed within a few months LL wants to rush this to attract new investors by early next year, i imagine.
[2009/03/14 15:55]  Taff Nouvelle: but clubs will not have to move if they are NOT sex related
[2009/03/14 15:55]  Keanu Kharg: so if they move clubs then how do you create traffic for your shops?
[2009/03/14 15:55]  Ann Newell: tBH alot of clubs need to go
[2009/03/14 15:55]  LilMatty Althouse: thats true what Taff just said
[2009/03/14 15:55]  Keanu Kharg: the main goal of a club or ballroom is create traffic for the sim
[2009/03/14 15:55]  LilMatty Althouse: places like The Shelter will stay where they are as they have been for the last 5 or so years
[2009/03/14 15:55]  Connie Darcy: your shops will have to go along with the club
[2009/03/14 15:56]  Keanu Kharg: but what if the shop isnt mature content?
[2009/03/14 15:56]  Taff Nouvelle: the one thing you should be pushing for is traffic redirection.
[2009/03/14 15:56]  Connie Darcy: then i imagine the club would be similarly oriented?
[2009/03/14 15:57]  Taff Nouvelle: if you have builtt up a following, they need to be redirected automatically to the new location
[2009/03/14 15:57]  LilMatty Althouse: thats the big problem… if you only own one parcel of land, and you have ab ig shop that sells both sexual and non sexual content, you will find yourself in trouble on what to do
[2009/03/14 15:57]  Keanu Kharg: ok, i have an example
[2009/03/14 15:57]  Taff Nouvelle: if it is not adult, then you do not have to move
[2009/03/14 15:57]  Keanu Kharg: i have a shop on a sim and next to us is a mature club
[2009/03/14 15:57]  Lazarus Rang: You also realize avatars running script and using fexible texturing cause more lag than club scripts
[2009/03/14 15:57]  Lazarus Rang: got to a wedding sim
[2009/03/14 15:57]  Keanu Kharg: they create quite a bit of traffic for my shop
[2009/03/14 15:58]  Keanu Kharg: although my content isnt mature
[2009/03/14 15:58]  Keanu Kharg: so if you pull the club out
[2009/03/14 15:58]  Keanu Kharg: the sim dies
[2009/03/14 15:58]  Connie Darcy: oh of course keanu
[2009/03/14 15:58]  Connie Darcy: i see
[2009/03/14 15:58]  Connie Darcy: good opint
[2009/03/14 15:58]  Keanu Kharg: so more ppl will use bots?
[2009/03/14 15:58]  Taff Nouvelle: then you have to depend on the quality of your items and advertising
[2009/03/14 15:58]  Connie Darcy: likely, yes
[2009/03/14 15:58]  Connie Darcy: and bots… lols
[2009/03/14 15:58]  Solomon Mosely: well, would this also mean that the new mature continent will just become more populated by not mature content?
[2009/03/14 15:59]  LilMatty Althouse: i see what you are saying keanubut as a lecturer on viral marketing and community management. there are otherways to generate traffic
[2009/03/14 15:59]  Taff Nouvelle: I have never used bots. I sell because my items are good
[2009/03/14 15:59]  Dave Behemoth: lol
[2009/03/14 15:59]  LilMatty Althouse: for instance, a freebie store around a shop with a gott amount of freebies can attract tonnes of people
[2009/03/14 15:59]  LilMatty Althouse: as seen by connies nee texture market…
[2009/03/14 15:59]  Taff Nouvelle: but will they buy ??
[2009/03/14 15:59]  Connie Darcy: they do buy
[2009/03/14 15:59]  Taff Nouvelle: they come for the freebies
[2009/03/14 16:00]  LilMatty Althouse: they donate to me
[2009/03/14 16:00]  Connie Darcy: ppl come for my free textures, and buy my other items
[2009/03/14 16:00]  Keanu Kharg: i know there are other ways, but i am just pointing out what will happen to a lot of traffic if you pull away the clubs
[2009/03/14 16:00]  Taff Nouvelle: yes things will change
[2009/03/14 16:00]  LilMatty Althouse: -nods to keanu- i will write up a blog post as second part to my community management post sometime on monday/tuesday :)
[2009/03/14 16:00]  Taff Nouvelle: nothing is static in business :-)
[2009/03/14 16:01]  Connie Darcy: if static, it stagnates
[2009/03/14 16:01]  LilMatty Althouse: yes… change in marketing will be a big change many store owners may have trouble to deal with.
[2009/03/14 16:01]  Solomon Mosely: will adults abandon the rest of the grid and move a majority of activity to the new mature continent and leave the old one for teens?
[2009/03/14 16:01]  Taff Nouvelle: yes :-)
[2009/03/14 16:01]  Taff Nouvelle: no way
[2009/03/14 16:01]  LilMatty Althouse: solomon- myself no… but i suspect a vast majority will
[2009/03/14 16:01]  Taff Nouvelle: most are not here purely for aex
[2009/03/14 16:01]  LilMatty Althouse: there is a huge percentage that are though taff
[2009/03/14 16:01]  Johnnie Wendt: The Lindens have said in their statement that there is still no plan to close or move the teen grid
[2009/03/14 16:01]  Taff Nouvelle: ok how many here will ??
[2009/03/14 16:02]  Solomon Mosely: it doesnt have to be mature to be there, but mature has to be there
[2009/03/14 16:02]  Fred Bigboots: Yes, Im never here for Aex
[2009/03/14 16:02]  Ann Newell: you be suprised, peopel will goin seaching for something i want, and if they dont want they are draw to it by advertisting
[2009/03/14 16:02]  Taff Nouvelle: how many in this crowd will up and moce to a sex sim?
[2009/03/14 16:02]  LilMatty Althouse: not a sex sim but an adult sim
[2009/03/14 16:02]  Fred Bigboots: Well not NZ in SL
[2009/03/14 16:02]  Nekololi Woodget: not I
[2009/03/14 16:02]  Taff Nouvelle: I think not many :-)
[2009/03/14 16:02]  BlkVelvet Jewell: not me
[2009/03/14 16:02]  Carson Quinnell: Not me
[2009/03/14 16:02]  Connie Darcy: i would not, taff
[2009/03/14 16:02]  Fred Bigboots: Its all G rated
[2009/03/14 16:02]  LilMatty Althouse: i will not
[2009/03/14 16:02]  Taff Nouvelle: there is your answer
[2009/03/14 16:02]  Lazarus Rang: many
[2009/03/14 16:03]  Carson Quinnell: all my clubs are pg anyway
[2009/03/14 16:03]  Solomon Mosely: well, even its not a “sex sim”, depending on what mature means in the futre,
[2009/03/14 16:03]  Lazarus Rang: very many
[2009/03/14 16:03]  Jade Ulich: brb
[2009/03/14 16:03]  Solomon Mosely: people may move to the area for the freedom
[2009/03/14 16:03]  Ann Newell: i might
[2009/03/14 16:03]  Taff Nouvelle: I think we are worrying about the wrong thing
[2009/03/14 16:03]  Ann Newell: sex sells
[2009/03/14 16:03]  Solomon Mosely: and just have what we have now as a “normal” residence sim
[2009/03/14 16:03]  Keanu Kharg: bottomline is that in the short run ppl who are here will be screwed because they have to move, but in the long run all the rest will be screwed. PPL who are here for sex will move and their prob is solved, but the rest who will stay here will have to deal with kids
[2009/03/14 16:03]  LilMatty Althouse: thats right whats considdered adult is not defined yet
[2009/03/14 16:03]  Ann Newell: of sex products sell
[2009/03/14 16:03]  Taff Nouvelle: yes sex sells, do you want to live next to it??
[2009/03/14 16:03]  Carson Quinnell: depends to on how many teen I run into and the expierence I have with them
[2009/03/14 16:04]  Jade Ulich: back
[2009/03/14 16:04]  Ann Newell: doesnt bother me
[2009/03/14 16:04]  Keanu Kharg: which makes the percentage of kids on the rest of the sims even bigger
[2009/03/14 16:04]  Carson Quinnell: may need more mute ram
[2009/03/14 16:04]  Ann Newell: its a way of life
[2009/03/14 16:04]  Taff Nouvelle: I can actually see this being good for private sims
[2009/03/14 16:04]  Solomon Mosely: another reason some might relocate to a “sex sim” even though it may not have one club or store on it
[2009/03/14 16:04]  LilMatty Althouse: i also… the problem i have and i want to bring this up
[2009/03/14 16:04]  Connie Darcy: some will simply tone down their stores a little, and comply with pg levels in order to remain
[2009/03/14 16:04]  Ann Newell: ive worked as a dancer and made some good noobie money doing it
[2009/03/14 16:05]  Johnnie Wendt: Jeeze the Lindens have said they are not moving the Teen Grid here or opening up the main grid to teens
[2009/03/14 16:05]  Taff Nouvelle: the sex places will be full of noobs :-))
[2009/03/14 16:05]  Taff Nouvelle: good for them :-)
[2009/03/14 16:05]  Carson Quinnell: exactly
[2009/03/14 16:05]  Ann Newell: its somthing i wouldnt have the confiace to do in rl, but its ok in sl its acpeted
[2009/03/14 16:05]  Johnnie Wendt: the worst griefers etc are the 18 to 23 year old smartasses
[2009/03/14 16:05]  Connie Darcy: au contraire Johnnie
[2009/03/14 16:05]  Ann Newell: Umm
[2009/03/14 16:05]  Taff Nouvelle: yes John :-)
[2009/03/14 16:05]  Ann Newell: i’m 25
[2009/03/14 16:05]  Johnnie Wendt: laughing
[2009/03/14 16:06]  Dave Behemoth: lol
[2009/03/14 16:06]  Fred Bigboots: LOL Connie who are the worst griefers?
[2009/03/14 16:06]  Ann Newell: so you saying someof my friends are smartasses
[2009/03/14 16:06]  Johnnie Wendt: mainly guys or guys as girls….not girls
[2009/03/14 16:06]  Carson Quinnell: we just shop
[2009/03/14 16:06]  Carson’s Free Translator: nous venons de magasin
[2009/03/14 16:06]  Taff Nouvelle: I thought all the girls were guys anyway :-))))
[2009/03/14 16:06]  Lazarus Rang: So is Linden going to guarntee if the sime crashes while I am “intimate” with my partner and I relog, only to be dumped in a hub with underaged avatars, I will not be banned for TOS violations. AND IT DOES HAPPEN!
[2009/03/14 16:06]  Johnnie Wendt: probably…. go to the welcome areas and see if thats where they spend all their time’
[2009/03/14 16:06]  LilMatty Althouse: johnnie they are not movign the grids yet but have continuely stated thats there overall goal.
[2009/03/14 16:07]  Johnnie Wendt: Yes true it does happen Laz…
[2009/03/14 16:07]  Keanu Kharg: good point laz
[2009/03/14 16:07]  LilMatty Althouse: lazarus – thats a totally good point
[2009/03/14 16:07]  Johnnie Wendt: No they have not Lilmatty
[2009/03/14 16:07]  Taff Nouvelle: that will be a problem :-)
[2009/03/14 16:07]  Contagious Republic: John: the very incompetent, disorganised but extremely persistent griefers are 12 year olds with entire days devoted to seeing how many times they can get banned and come back 3 minutes after to haunt the same sim again.
[2009/03/14 16:07]  Johnnie Wendt: Not in my experience Contagious
[2009/03/14 16:07]  Taff Nouvelle: and they do that vecause they are NOT allowed here
[2009/03/14 16:08]  Connie Darcy: it depends on your sim, your environment
[2009/03/14 16:08]  Taff Nouvelle: when they can come in, that will not happen
[2009/03/14 16:08]  Johnnie Wendt: most of the destructive griefers are a lot older than that
[2009/03/14 16:08]  Keanu Kharg: no, they do that because they want to
[2009/03/14 16:08]  Taff Nouvelle: be3cause they want to destry what they DONT have
[2009/03/14 16:08]  Taff Nouvelle: its what kids do
[2009/03/14 16:08]  Kalli Birman: i think a lot of the griefing comes from SL being advertised as a game and people coming from actual “games” and not thinking about the people behind the av
[2009/03/14 16:08]  Contagious Republic: yes, competent griefers are older.
[2009/03/14 16:09]  Ann Newell: so we going to have themed sims now, like over run theme parks
[2009/03/14 16:09]  Lazarus Rang: many are late teen to early 20 and either in a jealous realtionship situation or anti-social
[2009/03/14 16:09]  Johnnie Wendt: not true…… you will find trhe griefer profiel is similar to that of the isolated kids in highschools out of owrk situations etc… angst ridden late teenage guys
[2009/03/14 16:09]  Taff Nouvelle: I agree with that
[2009/03/14 16:09]  Connie Darcy: …rather than how old a troublemaker may be, think about the implications of all them being thrust into the main grid
[2009/03/14 16:09]  Taff Nouvelle: the ones that want to cause trouble jhere, are ALREADY here
[2009/03/14 16:09]  Lazarus Rang: THEY ARE HERE
[2009/03/14 16:10]  Johnnie Wendt: most of them paly MMORPGs anyway …thats where they get their rocks off
[2009/03/14 16:10]  Taff Nouvelle: the good ones are locked in the teen grid
[2009/03/14 16:10]  Ann Newell: why do ya have to type everyone
[2009/03/14 16:10]  Lazarus Rang: like a 1950 sci-fi
[2009/03/14 16:10]  Solomon Mosely: well, the fact that you even have data on young gteen griefers, means they ar already here
[2009/03/14 16:10]  Connie Darcy: until they get pwnd, then log in here to vent their frustration
[2009/03/14 16:10]  Taff Nouvelle: I prefer to type Ann :-)
[2009/03/14 16:10]  Ann Newell: Stereo Type people
[2009/03/14 16:10]  Taff Nouvelle: hahaha
[2009/03/14 16:10]  Solomon Mosely: )
[2009/03/14 16:10]  Connie Darcy: lmao
[2009/03/14 16:11]  Contagious Republic: It’s that the “good” 12 year old, not a true griefer, talks too much about subjects which drive the adults off my sandbox. Daily.
[2009/03/14 16:11]  Johnnie Wendt: *laughing*
[2009/03/14 16:11]  Ann Newell: sorry i’m Dyslexic
[2009/03/14 16:11]  Taff Nouvelle: they will have their own clubs here
[2009/03/14 16:11]  Keanu Kharg: ok thats the same discussion like drugs. Should we allow it so that teenagers arent so atrackted to it? soory, i dont think so
[2009/03/14 16:11]  Connie Darcy: valid comment Mr Republic
[2009/03/14 16:11]  Contagious Republic: So if it’s made legal, I might close altogether
[2009/03/14 16:11]  Taff Nouvelle: they will not want to habg around the olds believe me :-))
[2009/03/14 16:11]  Lazarus Rang: Wonder if this is going to restrict the Bloodlines Vampires and such. They are adult theme, but kids love it
[2009/03/14 16:12]  Taff Nouvelle: I hope so :-))
[2009/03/14 16:12]  Connie Darcy: i doubt it Laz
[2009/03/14 16:12]  LilMatty Althouse: hmmm
[2009/03/14 16:12]  Contagious Republic: Aw come on, even the sesame street count is playing bloodlines. Is he considered adult? lolz
[2009/03/14 16:12]  LilMatty Althouse: excuse my crash
[2009/03/14 16:12]  Connie Darcy: they already concentrate at Hubs, so many teens already see it
[2009/03/14 16:12]  Taff Nouvelle: hahahaha
[2009/03/14 16:12]  Johnnie Wendt: interesting straw poll you did earlier… there doesn’t seem to be anyone here who will move to a sex sim
[2009/03/14 16:13]  Lazarus Rang: I am pretty deep in areas people play that and Tiny Empires together, over 20,000 last count
[2009/03/14 16:13]  LilMatty Althouse: thats another thing, i suspect bloodlines will be mvoed to adult grid.
[2009/03/14 16:13]  Taff Nouvelle: and that is good :-)
[2009/03/14 16:13]  Connie Darcy: wow
[2009/03/14 16:13]  LilMatty Althouse: and any other over the top combat sims
[2009/03/14 16:13]  LilMatty Althouse: that depict blood and gore
[2009/03/14 16:13]  Lazarus Rang: Actually, I will likely move, just because I hate being restricted in my life here
[2009/03/14 16:13]  Johnnie Wendt: or capture and rape or bestiality etc…
[2009/03/14 16:13]  Lazarus Rang: so at least one is honest
[2009/03/14 16:14]  Taff Nouvelle: I look forward to looking in search for a sofa, and not getting a page full of sex beds
[2009/03/14 16:14]  Johnnie Wendt: Laz are you going to move out of the real world too? *grin*
[2009/03/14 16:14]  Ann Newell: if the traffic was high and the grps i would be intersted in the clubs abd so on, moved to an sex sim, i would move also
[2009/03/14 16:14]  Solomon Mosely: well, thats just it, the stigma of the adult land will change
[2009/03/14 16:14]  Connie Darcy: all tose counterpart games are rated 18+ as a rule, so yes i see them being affected
[2009/03/14 16:14]  Johnnie Wendt: Taff you can now…. just dont tick mature in search
[2009/03/14 16:14]  Taff Nouvelle: they still come up
[2009/03/14 16:14]  Lazarus Rang blushes … I build sex sofas
[2009/03/14 16:14]  Taff Nouvelle: hahahaha
[2009/03/14 16:14]  Dave Behemoth: lol
[2009/03/14 16:14]  LilMatty Althouse: i have already moved off mainland logn time ago and reside on private sims
[2009/03/14 16:15]  Taff Nouvelle: I have no problem with them, but I want to be able to chiise to look for them Laz :-)
[2009/03/14 16:15]  Johnnie Wendt: By the way the Lindens said in their statement this would not affect islands
[2009/03/14 16:15]  Taff Nouvelle: no, private sims will still have to flag, but not move
[2009/03/14 16:15]  Connie Darcy: they did?
[2009/03/14 16:15]  Johnnie Wendt: yes that is right Taff
[2009/03/14 16:15]  LilMatty Althouse: correct johnnie however I have noticed that lindens have begun to state you must flag your island
[2009/03/14 16:16]  Keanu Kharg: you wont find 100s of sexbeds anymore, instead though you ll prob be overwellmed with dipers in search :)
[2009/03/14 16:16]  Johnnie Wendt: well my island is flagged already and group only as well
[2009/03/14 16:16]  Nekololi Woodget: LL has been asking us to flag stuff for a while now anyway
[2009/03/14 16:16]  Taff Nouvelle: I will have a store on the adult grid for sex items, my main store will stay PG
[2009/03/14 16:16]  Lazarus Rang: why do many people shy from private sims? Because operators collect rent, fail to pay Linden, and disappear with the $$
[2009/03/14 16:16]  LilMatty Althouse: yes nekol but LL will have to- rethink the verification process as to not conflict with real world laws
[2009/03/14 16:17]  Taff Nouvelle: some do Laz, my tenants have been with me for 2 years
[2009/03/14 16:17]  Johnnie Wendt: thaty have stated that they will use credit card information as now… although not foolproof
[2009/03/14 16:17]  Lazarus Rang: Hey, seriously, that is a question
[2009/03/14 16:17]  Keanu Kharg: at this point they dont need creditcards to verify
[2009/03/14 16:17]  Lazarus Rang: will a SL baby clinic be considered an adult activity
[2009/03/14 16:17]  Keanu Kharg: i did it a week ago
[2009/03/14 16:17]  Taff Nouvelle: also beacause pribate sims are more expensive than mainland
[2009/03/14 16:17]  Ann Newell: sigh, i dont have a ccard :S
[2009/03/14 16:18]  Johnnie Wendt: NMIT and Koru is looking at that question right now
[2009/03/14 16:18]  Keanu Kharg: and you could age verify with your passport or driverslicense
[2009/03/14 16:18]  Johnnie Wendt: yes you can already do that Keanu and there are sims which are adult only classification…over and above mature
[2009/03/14 16:18]  LilMatty Althouse: keanu… its still agaisnt RL law in most EU countries
[2009/03/14 16:18]  Keanu Kharg: i know that
[2009/03/14 16:19]  Contagious Republic: I can’t drive, this ishalf m problm.
[2009/03/14 16:19]  Keanu Kharg: and i dont like age verification either
[2009/03/14 16:19]  Connie Darcy: ive been getting repeated cases of losing renter prospects because of below cost rates, nothing to do with content; a lot of owners are renting out at 1L per now
[2009/03/14 16:19]  Keanu Kharg: but they ll state it voluntairily
[2009/03/14 16:19]  LilMatty Althouse: you can be fined verifying to SL i believe someone mentioned something like that to me not to long ago
[2009/03/14 16:19]  Selkie Flatley: fined?
[2009/03/14 16:19]  Johnnie Wendt: LilMatty I dont think that is true
[2009/03/14 16:19]  LilMatty Althouse: mmm its hard to know what is and is not true
[2009/03/14 16:19]  Taff Nouvelle: they ghave stated that they are looking into other methods
[2009/03/14 16:20]  LilMatty Althouse: though their governments seemed pretty anti handing over such info to non government agencies.
[2009/03/14 16:20]  Johnnie Wendt: most porn sites on the net use credit card verfication without a problem
[2009/03/14 16:20]  LilMatty Althouse: SL use to be CC verified
[2009/03/14 16:20]  LilMatty Althouse: if you all did not know
[2009/03/14 16:20]  Taff Nouvelle: passports are a no no
[2009/03/14 16:20]  LilMatty Althouse: we could not get here in the early days without it
[2009/03/14 16:20]  Johnnie Wendt: and you can use your passport of driver’s license as id anywhere
[2009/03/14 16:20]  Johnnie Wendt: still is cc verfied Lilmatty…. look on your profiel
[2009/03/14 16:20]  Taff Nouvelle: identity theft os too easy with passport details
[2009/03/14 16:21]  LilMatty Althouse: yes johnnie but :) they use to have access for NO ONE without a CC
[2009/03/14 16:21]  LilMatty Althouse: could not even login lol
[2009/03/14 16:21]  LilMatty Althouse: many moons ago
[2009/03/14 16:21]  Johnnie Wendt: not if its going to an independent agency as tghey are currently doing
[2009/03/14 16:21]  Taff Nouvelle: then they have to have one that we can trust
[2009/03/14 16:21]  Carson Quinnell: where is it on our profiles?
[2009/03/14 16:21]  Johnnie Wendt: yes that is true LilMatty but they can use that financial info to limit your access to certain areas
[2009/03/14 16:21]  Taff Nouvelle: and they dont now
[2009/03/14 16:21]  LilMatty Althouse: johnnie, if that independant agency is not govenrment sanctioned or trusted…
[2009/03/14 16:22]  LilMatty Althouse: there will always be issues
[2009/03/14 16:22]  LilMatty Althouse: countries afraid of identity theft
[2009/03/14 16:22]  Johnnie Wendt: it would be or should I say is a bonafide real world credit reporting/ verification agency
[2009/03/14 16:22]  Johnnie Wendt: and is separate from the Lindens
[2009/03/14 16:22]  LilMatty Althouse: seeing as we live ina terrorism featful world now… that is understandable.
[2009/03/14 16:23]  Lazarus Rang: yes,, better LL be hacked for our credit card numbers
[2009/03/14 16:23]  LilMatty Althouse: yes johnnie but handing passport details over is still not safe.
[2009/03/14 16:23]  Lazarus Rang: than SS or DL
[2009/03/14 16:23]  Taff Nouvelle: they ghave been hacked :-)
[2009/03/14 16:23]  Contagious Republic: yeah, like it happened to AOL in the old days
[2009/03/14 16:23]  Johnnie Wendt: *laughing*…… to go to the US now you have to go on the net and give all your ppt details……
[2009/03/14 16:23]  LilMatty Althouse: no matter who has them if they are not government, don’t do it… and what assurance do we have they are not being kept somewhere.
[2009/03/14 16:23]  Lazarus Rang: they are
[2009/03/14 16:24]  Johnnie Wendt: yes it did happen on AOL… but this is not verification to the Lindends but to an independent agency
[2009/03/14 16:24]  Lazarus Rang: ever heard of Goofgle
[2009/03/14 16:24]  Lazarus Rang: google
[2009/03/14 16:24]  Lazarus Rang: LOL
[2009/03/14 16:24]  LilMatty Althouse: they keep stating we will not hold onto them but i cannot trust that
[2009/03/14 16:24]  Taff Nouvelle: I like the typo name :-))
[2009/03/14 16:24]  Johnnie Wendt: *laughing*
[2009/03/14 16:24]  LilMatty Althouse: a big worry for me personally is the reshaping of mainland
[2009/03/14 16:24]  Johnnie Wendt: same here Laz…seems to suit
[2009/03/14 16:24]  Lazarus Rang: my fingers were possessed
[2009/03/14 16:25]  Taff Nouvelle: hahaha
[2009/03/14 16:25]  Johnnie Wendt: heheheh
[2009/03/14 16:25]  Carson Quinnell: Why, LilMatty?
[2009/03/14 16:25]  LilMatty Althouse: right now i am on mainland boardering no other sim beside me… that wil lmost likely change and i just pray they do not change the location of the beautiful waterl inden sim infront of me
[2009/03/14 16:25]  Taff Nouvelle: worried that your sim may be moved?
[2009/03/14 16:26]  Selkie Flatley: can they do that?
[2009/03/14 16:26]  Taff Nouvelle: there is a lot of empty space Matty
[2009/03/14 16:26]  Johnnie Wendt: sure is a lot of empty space…
[2009/03/14 16:26]  Taff Nouvelle: I dont think ypou have to worry too much
[2009/03/14 16:26]  LilMatty Althouse: i hope not.
[2009/03/14 16:26]  LilMatty Althouse: i enjoy my view of the endless ocean
[2009/03/14 16:26]  Johnnie Wendt: I wouldnt worry about that LilMatty
[2009/03/14 16:26]  Taff Nouvelle: :-)
[2009/03/14 16:27]  Nekololi Woodget: can’t they just make the teen gris a seperate continent in itself after the merge, without changing the existing continents?
[2009/03/14 16:27]  Johnnie Wendt: *grin*…….. spend most of my time on the Blake Sea or in it
[2009/03/14 16:27]  Johnnie Wendt: There is not going to be a merge………. that is a furphy
[2009/03/14 16:27]  Taff Nouvelle: I think they will do that
[2009/03/14 16:27]  LilMatty Althouse: johnnie there will be a merge eventually
[2009/03/14 16:27]  LilMatty Althouse: lindens have stated this earlier this year
[2009/03/14 16:27]  Taff Nouvelle: yes that is certain
[2009/03/14 16:27]  LilMatty Althouse: thats there goal
[2009/03/14 16:27]  Nekololi Woodget: what’s a furphy?
[2009/03/14 16:28]  Lazarus Rang: well, I need to go live my illeagal life while I still can … I still pay LL every quarter for that right, until it i removed
[2009/03/14 16:28]  LilMatty Althouse: this is Phillip’s transcript from earlier this year.
[2009/03/14 16:28]  Keanu Kharg: a separate continent woulde be nice and then open sims to them on the other continent that are really child friendly for example
[2009/03/14 16:28]  Johnnie Wendt: Rosedale said it was possible in an interview … not that it would happen….. there are too many schools in there now… primary and secondary as in scholabrate group etc for them to integrate
[2009/03/14 16:28]  Johnnie Wendt: There also are organisations in here with hidden closed contentnets…eg IBM, Intel etc
[2009/03/14 16:28]  LilMatty Althouse: ROBERT BLOOMFIELD: Do you expect any official action or public notice on this anytime soon? And is the idea am I hearing you right that it would basically be to allow people of any age to come into at least some parts of Second Life? Is that what I’m hearing?

PHILIP ROSEDALE: Definitely. From my perspective, our long term strategy is  that but I won’t make any specific “this is what’s coming next and that’s where you can expect it,” in that regard. We’re still working on how to do that and what to do next.
[16:29]  Taff Nouvelle: they will staill be there and locked to teen only, they are not taking that away, just allowing teems onto the main grid
[16:29]  Johnnie Wendt: yes……..
[16:29]  Johnnie Wendt: okay… I hear what you say
[16:30]  Taff Nouvelle: ok thanks for the chat folks, I have to leave :-))
[16:30]  LilMatty Althouse: al ot of thigns will change this year for LL
[16:30]  Taff Nouvelle: indeed Matty :-)
[16:30]  LilMatty Althouse: and i thank you all for coming
[16:31]  Johnnie Wendt: Thanks for the invitiation
[16:31]  Taff Nouvelle: good to meet you all :-))
[16:31]  LilMatty Althouse: i have to take medication but your all are welcome to sit around and continue to chat
[16:31]  Contagious Republic: Ty for hosting the meeting
[16:31]  Nekololi Woodget: *mews*
[16:31]  BlkVelvet Jewell: ty matty
[16:31]  LilMatty Althouse: feel free to donate into that hat there my rents expensive *giggles*
[16:31]  Taff Nouvelle: thank you Matty :-))
[16:31]  Connie Darcy: thankyou vetry much matty
[16:31]  LilMatty Althouse: perhaps when the policies are announced I will have another chat
[16:31]  Keanu Kharg: thx for organising this matty
[16:31]  LilMatty Althouse: thats no problem keanu i think a lot of people had a lot to say
[16:31]  Alain Delpiaz: has anyone got a recap of the discussion here?
[16:31]  BlkVelvet Jewell: what hat
[16:31]  LilMatty Althouse: connie doesi believe
[16:31]  LilMatty Althouse: it will be posted on the BRN blog
[16:32]  Alain Delpiaz: awesome
[16:32]  LilMatty Althouse:


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