Flowers, Trees,Vegetables! A gift from Arba Croatia

Posted in BRN content Updates on October 13, 2009 by Matty

flowers trees plants - arba croatia_001Thanks Arba!!!!!

The BRN has an update of  5 vegetables, 20 flowers and 10 trees! A gift from Arba Croatia! THERE ALL SCULPTIE AND ONE PRIM

These are located AT THE NEW LOW PRIM STORE, in SHADES REST, first booth on the west side, you will find it easy to navigate seeing as the store is a duplicate of how it was on Akihabara.!



Posted in BRN NEWS on October 9, 2009 by Matty

Connies texture Market has been reborn, the low prim store has been resurrected once again. The art garden (my favorite) has made its way back and Ak resurrected the free sculpties :D

Also note, 80% of the brn donations at the low prim store at the new location goto Mally towards the tier costs he is paying for the new land.

Sometime next week a rollout of new content will commence :)

-BRN Owner

We have land and now we rebuild!

Posted in BRN NEWS on October 5, 2009 by Matty

At last we have land!!!!!!! And now we rebuild!

Connie has resurrected the Texture Market, and Ak Yip has salvaged his free sculpties! We have secured land and also bought on a new moderator, Mally to the BRN Team! And now that most of the finances and other annoying little things are out of the way! We can work on restoring the BRN Freebies.

Thank you everyone for being patient with me!

-BRN Owner

Looking for Land :)!

Posted in BRN NEWS on October 1, 2009 by Matty

Hello everyone, thank you all for your continued support through Donations and we have enough Lindens to purchase the land we require, now its just a wait and search game in2 finding teh right piece!

We are after 8192 m2 MAINLAND <- yup! Has to be Mainland!

So if anyone has any suggestions let me know!

Thank you all for such wonderful support.

~BRN Owner


The plan!

Posted in BRN NEWS on September 26, 2009 by Matty

EDIT: Donator is up! at the Tutorial Library!

In a few days time I will set up a donator- the BRN needs to raise 20,000L in order to purchase 8192m of land

Theres no way I can afford that so I will call on the group to help, you haveno idea how reluctant to do tis I have been. I value you all as members more than anything in the world. I hate taking from anyone. I also don’t expect you people of the BRN to go out of your way. As much as I love and wish for the BRN to continue, I would rather you all have food on your tables.

After the land purchase, a trusted community Member here in the BRN has offered to hold the land for us so we will not pay much tier. With donations going to him to assist in covering.

I will post another notice/blog post after I have set it all up! Thank you all for your patience

-BRN Owner

The future of the BRN

Posted in BRN NEWS on September 11, 2009 by Matty

Well everyone- it’s been rocky… first we lost the Texture Market and now Ak Yip has informed me the sim he is on is also going poof. Mr Yip has been a big contributor, donator and supporter the BRN and I am so thankful for his continued support. The BRN Would not have gone this long without him.

The duration of time we have left is unknown- stores lost are as follows

– Mattys Low Prim Store

– Art Garden Escape

– BRN Event Hall

– Ak’s Free Sculpties

Ak’s free sculpties may make a return depending when/if Ak gets a new store and decides to keep them. The rest most likely won’t as theres no way I could afford the land Ak had donated to the BRN on his sim for whats been a year.

Meaning the BRN will be reduced to (for now) the Tutorial Library, Freedonia and Evatars.

The group will continue to function as a place of communication, learning and networking for builders of all kinds in Second Life, and I hope you all stay in it despite the freebies being lessened- the group that gathered around the BRN was, is and always will be spectacular, talanted and wonderful and I always though of the group itself more valuable than any freebie.

I am truly sorry everyone for failing you all like I have. I have tried so hard with all my heart and I have been sitting on this news for some time pondering many escapes but to no luck. I hope you all can forgive me.

On that note- get the resources while you can! If you have any questions IM me.

~BRN Owner

The Owl in the Stump!!!

Posted in BRN content Updates on August 31, 2009 by Matty

OwlNStump_001One of the most low prim most beautiful art pieces ever donated to the BRN and I can see it coming in handy for Decoration.

Created by wonderful contributor KathyJ! The Owl in the Stump kind of reminds me of something from a childrens story. Maybe I should write one just for the beautiful stump!

The total prim count for this beautiful object is 14 prims! an the permissions are Copy/Mod/No Transfer

You can pick it up in KathyJ’s Booth in Akihabara 2nd booth to the west!

OwlNStump_002Remember you can donate all your creations you wish to distribute free through the BRN or you can donate lindens towards the group upkeep at anytime! Thank you KathyJ For your wonderful creation once again you have inspired me!

~Happy Building!
~BRN Blog Team