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New Content at Shades Rest from ArbaCroatia

Posted in BRN content Updates on April 22, 2010 by Matty

Arba has donated and added a box with one prim plant shapes , it has ten 2-flower shapes and ten 4-flower shapes, all are sculptie.

Also added was a package with vendors for free items, to help you all distribute your freebies! ten of them in package, all with full perm , and all scripts open. And all very low prim.

YAY! First booth to west at Mattys Low Prims Shades Rest


Landmark Givers down for a while

Posted in BRN content Updates, BRN NEWS on April 17, 2010 by Matty

While we move parcels aroudn and rearrange the BRN Landmark givers won’t be working! Take them down and wait for the notices of the new Landmark giver :) May take a week or two

~BRN Blog Team