Celebrate Christmas This Year with the OkiDoki Gift box :D

WOOHOO!!!! What a cool little present to give away this year, its a gift box, in this crazy cook red heart shaped box! The OkiDoki Gift set contains a Wreath, Stocking, TREE WITH PARTICLES (Sculptie and BEAUTIFUL), 2 christmas cards. OkiDoki wishes you a wonderful Christmas and hopes your winter OR SUMMER! Is a safe one!

 Oh I love that tree with the snow emitter! You can find all the gifts in a beautiful heart shaped box at the BRN Temp Christmas Location on the end of the Shades Rest Low Prim Freebies store

Included in the pack is

* X-mas tree w/snow emitter and a beautiful sparkly sculpted tretopper (Copy)
* 2 X-mas cards (Mod, Transfer but no copy – It may say no Mod but thats the script no the card)!
* A X-mas Wreath (only 1 prim and it is FULL PERM)
* And last, but not least, a X-mas stocking for Fido (mod + transfer).

~Happy Building!


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