Linden Lab announces changes to Xstreet SL (Important for Vendors)

This week, Linden Lab announced that it was going to start charging listing fees and minimum commissions on its Second Life Xstreet Web-shopping site. This includeds freebies.

Within hours of the announcement thousands of vendors abandoned the service and moved to alternatives, some of the alternatives could not hold the traffic load and crashed. (Such as Slapt)

Its unsure at this point how many Second Life residents have abandoned the Xstreet SL sercice, however what is clear at this point is that freebies in particular will be hit the hardest, as of course with the fee’s nothing will be free. The majority of the vendors who are still listing products on the service have increased the price of their freebies to at least four Linden Dollars to cover the new minimum sales-commissions and listing fees.

Anything remaining as a free product will have a listing fee applied to it, and then be moved off to a category where it will not appear in search results. New monthly listing fees are being applied, and the cheapest items are to have minimum commissions.

Linden Lab indicated the move was  supported by vendors and customers during three Commerce office hours sessions, however the transcripts give the impression this was pre-arranged before the office hours went ahead, and gives he feeling that no matter how the meeting went the change was unavoidable and not truly up for debate. ( You can view these at ).

According to the figures provided, Xstreet SL has failed to capture more than a tiny fraction of overall Second Life commerce and, given the state of Xstreet’s search facilities at present and the limited integration between Xstreet and Second Life, shopping for items in-world still seems to be the more engaging experience overall..

Despite this I believe the reason for the move appears to be profit, or perhaps an attempt to cut down the cost of maintaining the Xstreet SL Service.

I would like to advise all residents who have products for sale on Xstreet SL be aware of these changes and not be hit by unexpected fee’s they may not have been notified about. It is unknown at this point how Second Life hopes to go about the move, but if past changes are anything to go by… you will most likely be expected to read a blog.


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