Texture Market gets and update!

NB: Currently I can’t seem to find where she put them, I left her an IM and will update asap! So till then this little note won’t be published to the group in-world.

Woooo Connie has amazed us, actually she amazed us a week ago its just I am catching up… Sorry connie and other BRN members.  Anyway! Connie has truly cemented the return of the Texture Market with this generous update! Included in the update are the following textures/sets!

Thilis Synthetics:  36 synth textures by Thili Playfair

Plants Flowers & Trees: 68 items & textures, various creators

Avatar Texture Bundle: Shape & clothing Templates by Cory Ondrejka

GNU Water & Grass: 39 textures

30 Carpet & rug Textures (various creators)

BRN/VENzTM – Water pack ~ Textures items & Script

Kitty cat gestures, textures, body parts and more

Hairy Thor’s  free Textures: 16 asstd Textures

TM wood Fences Textures: 6 High quality

Hair textures

So head down to the Texture Market and pick them up totally free! Thank you Connie! Once again for all your hard work

~Happy Building!

~BRN Blog Team!

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