The first of the Christmas Freebies arrives!

Can you believe Christmas is on its way!!!!!!!! I know some of you may not want to hear that but you MAY want to hear about the first of the new updates the BRN is adding! and believe me, there only the first of many with many of the Christmas Freebies from Last year also most likely making a return this years collection will be huge!

Added today the first of many to come was!!! A reusable gift box! Complete with Christmas wrapping paper textures, some demo ice skates and  a note-card for those who need it on how to use the box, A Beautiful twinkling  Christmas tree, and most importantly, my personal favorite A SKATING SNOW MAN! WHO ACTUALLY LEARNED HOW TO SKATE! I love this snow man!

To get these head to the BRN low Prim store, in Shades rest! third booth to the east! Or just Follow the SLurl

Thank you Kathy, for your beautiful donation to the BRN, Remember everyone you can donate lindens to the BRN at any of the BRN locations, just look for the green hat… alternatively you can donate content by dropping a full perm version on my inventory and leaving me a note card with what permissions you want set,

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