Shape Vendor! – Thank you Arba!


ArbaCroatia after his last Donation of the beautiful tree’s and flowers has once again shown me that the BRN is full of more talent than I can ever imagine!

His donation today is something that just is mind blowing, in-fact… I cannot put in words just how much I appreciate his work, time, donations, and his general generosity and kindness.

The donation today is a shape vendor, 3 prims in total, mod and copy but with no re-sell. The vendor is a free version of some of those expensive toys you see floating around SL. It operates via the multi-touch scripting where it detects where on a prim you actually touched.

You select the shape you want, and it displays it in a rez, this can help builders decide what to put where, and has a few complex shapes that may baffle you sometimes! Once you have a shape you want you click on the parameters, this gives you the exact parameters to enter into the field of the prim to create the exact same shape!

Pretty simple! I should also make note the board gives the parameters in the form of an LSL script you can just cope and paste into a script to get the desired shape!

Pick yours up at the Low Prim Store in Shades rest!

Thank you Arba, again the BRN and its members cannot express just how happy they are to have you within our community!

~*~Don’t forget to donate to keep the BRN open and the freebies growing~*~

~BRN Blog Team
~Happy Building

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