The future of the BRN

Well everyone- it’s been rocky… first we lost the Texture Market and now Ak Yip has informed me the sim he is on is also going poof. Mr Yip has been a big contributor, donator and supporter the BRN and I am so thankful for his continued support. The BRN Would not have gone this long without him.

The duration of time we have left is unknown- stores lost are as follows

– Mattys Low Prim Store

– Art Garden Escape

– BRN Event Hall

– Ak’s Free Sculpties

Ak’s free sculpties may make a return depending when/if Ak gets a new store and decides to keep them. The rest most likely won’t as theres no way I could afford the land Ak had donated to the BRN on his sim for whats been a year.

Meaning the BRN will be reduced to (for now) the Tutorial Library, Freedonia and Evatars.

The group will continue to function as a place of communication, learning and networking for builders of all kinds in Second Life, and I hope you all stay in it despite the freebies being lessened- the group that gathered around the BRN was, is and always will be spectacular, talanted and wonderful and I always though of the group itself more valuable than any freebie.

I am truly sorry everyone for failing you all like I have. I have tried so hard with all my heart and I have been sitting on this news for some time pondering many escapes but to no luck. I hope you all can forgive me.

On that note- get the resources while you can! If you have any questions IM me.

~BRN Owner

3 Responses to “The future of the BRN”

  1. emma krokus Says:

    relly sorry

    only been a member a short time, but feel this is an invaluable resource for new builders

    thank you to all who have contributed

  2. StoneColdCwBoy Braveheart Says:

    Dear LilMatty

    I Am A Big Fan Of Brn And A User Of The Stuff That Is Offered At This Time I Am Working On Opening A Texture Place To RePlace The One W Lost I Have Been Tryig To Get A Full Prim Sim But I Have A 1/4 Sims That Can Be Used To Host Ak’s free sculpties It Can Hold 3632 Prims
    So Maybe We Can Fit As Much As We Can On The Parcel

    Contact Me In World And I Can Answer Any Question


  3. Tweed Wodget Says:

    SL is going through a lot of changes at the moment and hopefully after things settle down, we can work on reorganizing things again. Don’ give up Matty, you’ve done a wonderful job so far!

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