The Owl in the Stump!!!

OwlNStump_001One of the most low prim most beautiful art pieces ever donated to the BRN and I can see it coming in handy for Decoration.

Created by wonderful contributor KathyJ! The Owl in the Stump kind of reminds me of something from a childrens story. Maybe I should write one just for the beautiful stump!

The total prim count for this beautiful object is 14 prims! an the permissions are Copy/Mod/No Transfer

You can pick it up in KathyJ’s Booth in Akihabara 2nd booth to the west!

OwlNStump_002Remember you can donate all your creations you wish to distribute free through the BRN or you can donate lindens towards the group upkeep at anytime! Thank you KathyJ For your wonderful creation once again you have inspired me!

~Happy Building!
~BRN Blog Team

2 Responses to “The Owl in the Stump!!!”

  1. this is terribly cute !
    I took a RL picture like that once :)

  2. :))) glad you think so, I had fun building it :)

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