Traffic Changes being Implemented August 31st

Dear BRN members, I will notice this in a few days time closer to the change implmentations so if you are reading this twice please forgive me.

Traffic will be the cumulative minutes spent on the parcel by all visitors to the parcel within the previous day. It will be calculated from the total seconds spent on the parcel, divided by 60 and rounded to the nearest whole minute (up or down). It is calculated in real-time, and will be updated every morning at 1am PST for the previous day.

The new traffic system LL is implementing will be calculated the following way, this is a good announcement, as we have always been worried that a new search system would be disasterous, though I think maybe this will be more accurate.

Lastly, we realise how important our continued efforts to deal with Search gaming are. The announcement has had a clear impact but there are still venues out there that are gaming the Traffic score so we will be pushing harder to make sure that unfair use of Bots or other means to game Search are stopped.

Also attatched was this warning to those who use bots for camping, meaning LL is taking a clear stance on the matter.

Read the full post on their blog under land and sea

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