Evatars adds more tinys!

EvatarsUpdate_001Wooo Evatars gets an update! And a big one to! The added avatars are as cute as ever!

Added this time are!

  1. Tuningware (cute robot),
  2. the Sun,
  3. Relinquished (very scary blue monster with one eye, highly detailed)
  4. Shadow Ghoul (highly detailed, scary monster, transforms into shadow),
  5. Cute Pink Owl
  6. Mario (extremely accurate, cel shaded)
  7. Inmato (inmate tomato, strait from tomato prison, cel shaded)
  8. Cute Anime Girl
  9. Gecko
  10. Cool Duck (with an afro)
  11. Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon (dangerous, yet cute, tiny dragon)
  12. Cute Color Chaning Cow (Important, notecard included with av on HOW to change colors)

Also added were some  Strawberry Pajamas for the existing Bunny Av, which are very adorable, I love that bunny. THANKS EVA once again for your wonderful contribution to SL, and for free Avatars for the tiny community to collect!

You can pick all these up and many more of the existing tinys at Evatars Avatar store! the New ones are located on the back wall.

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