Freedonia going Age Verified.

Hi.. Blondin Linden tells me that an email giving deadlines for Private Islands to flag as adult if necessary will be probably be going out sometime week commencing 23 August.

This means that I will soon have to flag Freedonia as adult because of content I and my tenants have on the main part of the sim.   Unfortunately I can’t flag stuff by parcel, and while, I’ve discussed various work-rounds with Blondin, by far the simplest (and, for me and my tenants, safest) solution is to make the whole sim Adult.

Not sure when this will need to be, but presumably it will need to be in the next week or so.

I will fix a date and post it when I receive the email, but, in the meantime, please be advised that if you want continue to access the materials at Freedonia after the next week or so, you will need to verify yourself as an adult (and, if necessary,set your viewer preferences accordingly).

This is going to apply, of course, to all private islands, so folks may find they need to confirm their status — and, quite possibly — consider moving their shops and stuff anyway.

All the best


– BRN Blog Team
– Happy Building

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