Goodbye Texture Market, We hope you return one day.

I have a sad announcement:

The Texture Market is closing on the 15th (Saturday) The same day as the BRN party :( So at least the sadness wil have a nice happiness attatched to it.

Because TM is not under my name, it will not be resurrected until the return of the owner, even if partners within the BRN donated land, I could not put up the Texture Market. So this really is a goodbye for now.

The Texture market was an idea created by Connie Darcy here in SL of free textures for all. There is in total I think, something close to or over 1000 textures, all free, boxed and put up with the permission of the creators.

With the departure of the Texture Market the BRN is left with only 6 Free Locations.

The BRN and partners would like to thank Connie even if she isn’t here for her continued support of the BRN, her store will be greatly missed by the building community in SL, especially the BRN. We hope it will be resurrected sometime in the future.

So with all this, I would like to urge BRN members to go and pick up all the textures they can before they go to the land of lost and found.

The Texture Market is Located Here till the 15th


For those interested in why the Texture market is closing, please read the statement below by BRN Member/Donator and famed scriptor Nekololi Woodget


Here’s the background info:

As many of you know Connie hasn’t been around for about the last 2 months.  Not that she doesn’t want to be around.  Her (RL) job(s) took her away very suddenly.  Actually right in the middle of a build/conversation (You know how people keep trying to talk to you whenever you try to build things in SL?).  Due to her job’s situation, Connie is completely cut off from any Internet access where she’s working right now.  Exactly why is a bit completed, and I don’t know all the details myself.

The last I’ve heard from her was July 8th when she made a special trip to town and sent me an email.  She assured me at that time that, she’s ok, and fully intending to come back to SL once she can.  She misses building and playing around in SL.  And most of all she misses her SL friends.

While she has been offline, I’ve been paying for the rent for both, the Texture Market, and Kiwi Paradise, with the help of donations from friends and group members.


What’s going on now:

*   I’ve just made the last payment I’m going to make to keep Connie’s land open.
*   I’ve told the Land Lord I cannot continue paying, and I have to start packing up shop on the 15th (Saturday). Unless I make the 16,000L payment.

I’m completely broke in SL and RL right now, and I feel rotten asking for more money every week.  We’ve kept her land open for just over 2 months, and there’s no telling when Connie will return.  Connie has 4 parcels, each has a different pay date.  The next one up is the 15th (then the 25th, 2nd, and finally, the 7th) SO I will be packing up each parcel’s content on each of their final days.

If Connie comes back soon enough, The Texture Market and Kiwi Paradise will probably stay open.  Though Connie had been planning to shrink them a bit.


I’m very sorry that this is happening.
Connie still plans to come back.  More than likely, The Texture Market and Kiwi Paradise will begin closing this week, but will reopen someday.


Please contact me if you have any questions.

—  Nekololi Woodget

3 Responses to “Goodbye Texture Market, We hope you return one day.”

  1. Come to think about it, 1000 textures is very much on the low side.
    I looked at one texture pack today, eye textures, and there were several hundred textures in just that. Considering how many texture packs are in the main room of the texture market, I have to assume there’s MUCH more than 1000 textures total.

    Also, the Texture Market is really a multi-floored “Castle”, each room and floor are full of freebies (and some pay for items, so make sure to check the price before buying). For instance, the “Sunken Treasures” area contain mostly packs of ready made outfits and avatar skins and shapes. The main room is for textures, one of the upper levels holds “Connie’s Corner” where she gives away or sells her own creations, etc..

    There’s also plenty around to just walk through and explore, including a Park, a beach, two mazes, a lighthouse, The Texture Market Tower, an amphitheater, and many -literally- hidden ares behind phantom walls and doors “hidden in the woodwork”. Connie’s “home” is even hidden inside the texture market somewhere. (everything is closing, not just the texture market. Each of our 4 parcels have a different close date.)

    Connie has gone through great pains to make sure everything in the texture market is authorized by the creators to be given away. I know she has personally IMed many creators for permission. Even though we are closing, if you find something that you think shouldn’t be available free or shouldn’t be resold, PLEASE let us know!

    We DO plan on reopening someday.
    Thank you all for your support.

  2. Tweed Woodget Says:

    I’m sorry to see it close, but glad that Connie is okay and it will open again once all the dust settles. Thank you for being so nice! Cousin Tweed Woodget :-)


    The Texture Market isn’t dead yet!!!

    I was able to reopen part of it on the same sim:

    And soon, it looks like it will be moving to the west side of ak Yip’s sim: “Akihabara”. Details are thin at this point, but more info will be posted when it can be.

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