WoooooooOOOOOooT!! Party Time!

The Builders Resource Network has decided to go ahead with a planned event BRN’d OUT an event for all you builders who are burned out, and need a little break from your sky boxes- This will be a great networking event and a great chance to kick back for a few hours! oh not to mention live DJ’s and freebies!


The event will be hosted at 15th August,  4pm SLT at our beautiful Ice Palace􀀀 up in the sky on the Akihabara sim, owned by BRN Donator Ak Yip of􀀁

You all, members of the BRN and all other builders groups are invited of course, and your all welcome to bring others with you! In-fact, anyones welcome so pass this invite on to anyone, or repost it in any of your groups!

Just keep in mind this party is PG friendly, as the SIM is PG and thats the conditions of land use :) Not to mention the many attending are from all walks of SL- builders in all forms so we appreciate all attendees to keep to this

Whatever as long as its PG Friendly!

———————Whats at the event———-


We have live DJ’s offering to DJ for the BRN! WOOT!!!

Also just for the night a special BRN builder bear loaded with a cute poem, hehe its so cute, with lil building hammer. This is to show our thanks to the SL community for their continued support through all the hardships we have endured as a group and also to let you the community know we think your great!


We are looking for Freebie Donations :) If you have anything wonderful you would like to hand out, or perhaps if you want to make something special. We will be more than happy to put it up on stage for attendees to get! Just drop them in a notecard full permissioned with the words ‘BRN’D OUT STAGE FREEBIE’ and let me kn ow what permissions you wish to set, I understand this will be hard for those of you who don’t know but but all will be kept as you said.

Please make sure you are the original creator of all Content donations :)!


Well we are hoping to gather a few lindens for the BRN to stay open, its been a rather rough time for the BRN, as it is for everyone. We have downsized, moved locations etc and cut our tier as much as possible without loss of content. So your lindens are welcome but do not feel obligated.

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