A few new tables!

Table1_002I am sorry this post is so behind, because anyone who has checked the stores lately knows these have been out for a few days.

I have added 2 tables! One from the talanted Mr Thor! (Once again Thor Designs Donates Thanks Thor!!) The other from Myself!

Table1_003The one from Thor Designs is quite stylish with a color changing script to change the table top, the bottoms create a very cool circle and the boomerang(sp) shape makes it something I would want offline!

hmm Now the next table!

Table1_001My table! Ohhh its pretty, I like it anyway! I loaded it with art, you click the table top to change, and of course if your not the arty type, theres some nice frosted blue glass in there for you. The art comes from the BRN Art Exhibit, where there is a lot of art up for your house, free! So if you like any of the pictures in there, head over (second floor) and take a look.

Both these tables are on the last booth on the west side at the Akihabara Low Prim Store!

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