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The Owl in the Stump!!!

Posted in BRN content Updates on August 31, 2009 by Matty

OwlNStump_001One of the most low prim most beautiful art pieces ever donated to the BRN and I can see it coming in handy for Decoration.

Created by wonderful contributor KathyJ! The Owl in the Stump kind of reminds me of something from a childrens story. Maybe I should write one just for the beautiful stump!

The total prim count for this beautiful object is 14 prims! an the permissions are Copy/Mod/No Transfer

You can pick it up in KathyJ’s Booth in Akihabara 2nd booth to the west!

OwlNStump_002Remember you can donate all your creations you wish to distribute free through the BRN or you can donate lindens towards the group upkeep at anytime! Thank you KathyJ For your wonderful creation once again you have inspired me!

~Happy Building!
~BRN Blog Team


Traffic Changes being Implemented August 31st

Posted in BRN NEWS on August 24, 2009 by Matty

Dear BRN members, I will notice this in a few days time closer to the change implmentations so if you are reading this twice please forgive me.

Traffic will be the cumulative minutes spent on the parcel by all visitors to the parcel within the previous day. It will be calculated from the total seconds spent on the parcel, divided by 60 and rounded to the nearest whole minute (up or down). It is calculated in real-time, and will be updated every morning at 1am PST for the previous day.

The new traffic system LL is implementing will be calculated the following way, this is a good announcement, as we have always been worried that a new search system would be disasterous, though I think maybe this will be more accurate.

Lastly, we realise how important our continued efforts to deal with Search gaming are. The announcement has had a clear impact but there are still venues out there that are gaming the Traffic score so we will be pushing harder to make sure that unfair use of Bots or other means to game Search are stopped.

Also attatched was this warning to those who use bots for camping, meaning LL is taking a clear stance on the matter.

Read the full post on their blog under land and sea

Evatars adds more tinys!

Posted in BRN content Updates on August 23, 2009 by Matty

EvatarsUpdate_001Wooo Evatars gets an update! And a big one to! The added avatars are as cute as ever!

Added this time are!

  1. Tuningware (cute robot),
  2. the Sun,
  3. Relinquished (very scary blue monster with one eye, highly detailed)
  4. Shadow Ghoul (highly detailed, scary monster, transforms into shadow),
  5. Cute Pink Owl
  6. Mario (extremely accurate, cel shaded)
  7. Inmato (inmate tomato, strait from tomato prison, cel shaded)
  8. Cute Anime Girl
  9. Gecko
  10. Cool Duck (with an afro)
  11. Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon (dangerous, yet cute, tiny dragon)
  12. Cute Color Chaning Cow (Important, notecard included with av on HOW to change colors)

Also added were some  Strawberry Pajamas for the existing Bunny Av, which are very adorable, I love that bunny. THANKS EVA once again for your wonderful contribution to SL, and for free Avatars for the tiny community to collect!

You can pick all these up and many more of the existing tinys at Evatars Avatar store! the New ones are located on the back wall.

Significant find for Arcadia Asylum!

Posted in BRN content Updates on August 19, 2009 by Matty

Our friends over at Arcadia Recovery, have had The Pawn Shop & Arcade given to the library with full perms.

It is in the middle vendor, bottom row, of the library.

Note; it did not have the Arcadia’s Arcade neon sign on it when I got it, but Orhalla was generous in providing a copy to the recvoery project.

That is on the museum’s copy of the building; turn left as you exit the building.  Just take a copy from one of those.

If you haven’t been to the library before, there are over 500 pieces available, all for FREE, & a small museum of some of her work.  Please visit at on Cheonma.

Thanks Mally and congratulations on the wonderful discovery.

-BRN Blog Team
-Happy Building

Freedonia going Age Verified.

Posted in BRN NEWS on August 19, 2009 by Matty

Hi.. Blondin Linden tells me that an email giving deadlines for Private Islands to flag as adult if necessary will be probably be going out sometime week commencing 23 August.

This means that I will soon have to flag Freedonia as adult because of content I and my tenants have on the main part of the sim.   Unfortunately I can’t flag stuff by parcel, and while, I’ve discussed various work-rounds with Blondin, by far the simplest (and, for me and my tenants, safest) solution is to make the whole sim Adult.

Not sure when this will need to be, but presumably it will need to be in the next week or so.

I will fix a date and post it when I receive the email, but, in the meantime, please be advised that if you want continue to access the materials at Freedonia after the next week or so, you will need to verify yourself as an adult (and, if necessary,set your viewer preferences accordingly).

This is going to apply, of course, to all private islands, so folks may find they need to confirm their status — and, quite possibly — consider moving their shops and stuff anyway.

All the best


– BRN Blog Team
– Happy Building

BRN’d OuT!!! August 15th!

Posted in BRN NEWS on August 16, 2009 by Matty

1primvendor Arba Croatia_004Thank you everyone who came to BRN’d Out August 15th!  You all have no idea how much you all mean to me, what this group means to me! and just how much I love you all.

The freebies donated to the party are up in the event hall and I will leave them there for 5 days, including a cool little never giving it out again collector teddybear who is SO cute!!

Stop by and pick them up!

I look forward to hearing from you all again soon! If you have glow on and stop by remember to set it to midnight.

Also! I left some jazz playing if your looking for a quiet place to dance! Feel free!

-LilMatty Althouse
-BRN Owner

A ONE PRIM vendor for free items

Posted in BRN content Updates on August 15, 2009 by Matty

1primvendor Arba Croatia_001JUST IN TIME FOR THE BRN PARTY! A New Vendor created by Arba Croatia designed to help people like myself give out free items!

Packed with instructions, what makes this vendor the most unique, is the amazing ability to work as a SINGLE PRIM, yes… a vendor that holds 9 items at just one prim.

I will be putting this one in Freedonia and in Akihabara with the rest of Arba’s creations.

First booth to the west at Mattys Low Prim Store in Akihabara and Third Floor Freedonia.

Sorry Arba this took so long to get to, lots going on!

-BRN Blog Team
-Happy Building!