Notice on latest incident.

Dear BRN Community

I and the moderators of this group have always dealt with issues in the BRN democratically and with your concerns at heart.

With the recent incident of removing a certain member (who we wish not to name as we do not believe it our right) we understand that this person has been very upset and lodged complaints against us, as well as made slanderous remarks towards the BRN.

Since you all are such wonderful people, and we hate drama so much. We wish to let you know from us first about the incident so you do not think we are hiding anything from you at later date :)

The person we removed, we removed on suspicion of trafficing of stolen/copy botted objects. Although these objects are not of the BRN’s we removed them out of concern for the freebies of the BRN, and as a safety precaution of the BRN’s members in case they were going down the BRN list for names of successful builders (as some copy-botters do)

When hearing anything negative about our group, do always keep in mind that when we take action, we do it with the best intention and very reluctantly as we try to respect everyones choice of Virtual existence.

We love you all, and remember if you ever want to put your input into the group, how its run, ideas, donate content! Or even just voice your anger! Feel free to so we can come up with a solution to all the problems you are facing or all the amazing creativity you have.

-LilMatty Althouse
-BRN Owner

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