Freedonia Update!_001WOOHOO I am so sorry, oh so so sorry for how long this has taken, but its done! I did it! YES I DID! Freedonia has finally gotten some updates, and good ones at that!  you can pick up all of these are at the Builders Resource Center, Freedonia, THIRD FLOOR!!! (Yes opened up third floor!)

1) Innulas Magic Script Cleaner

  • Deletes and scrubs every script from every child prim in a linkset

2) 2 scripts to help you sell things AS FOLDERS! (NO MORE BOXING!)

  • One being a eat script which sells things via the fast pay, this one needs to have a price set, but don’t fret if you are a freebie giver we have also added the scripts which allows people to touch recieve folder drops from objects.

3) nPose Multi Av sitting programme, we have added this notecard with the nPose multi av sitting programme, and strongly suggest you join the group, its worth having, worth joining and its well supported.

4) the AE open source swing scripts, make your own swings! not only have we boxed this with the script but THANKS TO KATHYJ ONCE AGAIN! A demo swing is already made up for you ready to go and play with! (THANKS KATHY!)

5) Now this is a VERY special gift, oh its so special, its a gift from our dear BRN member Alimah, CEO of Desibo Design Studios. Its a texture that fits on-top of a 64x64x0.5 mega prim and allows you see parcel sizes, upto 4096m, ever wanted to make a hosue for a 512 parcel but been confused how big a 512 is? Well no more!

I know its not everything I wanted to add, but with time being short I am so stretched and tired, my mouth has some sores in it and I am soooooo needing rest. There will be some Akihabara updates soon (2 tables I made!) and even better theres a script in the works thats an all purpose door! Though we will see how it turns out, we are 90% there! Just a few bugs to work through!

-Happy Building

-BRN Blog Team

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