Dear Everyone – Please Read

Dear BRN Members

All stores are up, the BRN is ‘back’ in business! I wish to thank our supporters, our builders, and of course you people the community and fans, for helping us shift. I want to thank Pippas, for holding the BRN as long as she did, even after I could not afford it, shes an angel and such a valued member of the community! Not to mention Ak Yip, for his continued support of Akihabara, and Kathy, for the offering of the parcel and assistance while we moved. Then of course theres innula but i tell her everyday how great she is!

-Please read on-

As you saw the notice, I am planning on giving up quiet a bit of SL time, to… just be elsewhere. I am very sorry everyone but I got hurt by LL, and need some break time.

To top that off, I am generally not coping. I am very on edge. People in the BRN/SL as a whole say things to me, and I am getting upset, the only difference is, I am actually getting angry. I don’t usually get angry, in fact…. I have not gotten angry in years.

For instance. Today someone messaged me askign to use my script. I said I would rather they not use it in their build. What made me very upset, is that I finished the IM by giving them a landmark, and telling them to head to freedonia because it will soon be age verified and they are not verified according to their profile, and they could pick up thosuands of L worth of builders tools (at least compared to sLX pricing of similar tools) they made me feel like I was spamming, and I got upset.

Similar things have happened a lot lately, and I am sorry but its just to much now. I can’t shrug these things off like I use to.

-please continue reading on, your the bestest for making it this far!-

While I limit my time and so on, I want to ask you all in the BRN a favor, to tell the truth. I don’t expect many of you to even read this. By now you saw the start and closed off, or you didn’t click the link in the first place. However I will ask anyway.

Can you the BRN community, instead of handing out freebies to people who ask, pass landmarks for them to come get them, themselves?

I won’t enforce this, or anything of the sort, its just simply a favor. I think people if they really want something, should make the effort to go get it. It saddens me people just demand, and it saddens me more so that the brn’s freebies are being given out by other freebie stores, some for proffit.

The other thing I wish to ask. Is that you don’t re-use scripts in BRN freebies, without asking first, the script we give out, as scripts are fine! We give those out for that purpose! However…. the scripts such as my firefly script, inside my table and orbs, fountians etc. I would rather you not re-use that in your creations. That was a very special script, written in hand with my late partner. I understand there is one full permissioned script going around, that someone stole off me. I also know theres a few people re-using my script with the no mod permission, I have since changed to no transfer.

But as the motto goes, if in doubt- ask away.

I am sorry group chat is so messy these days, hope you all forgive me.

-LilMatty Althouse
-BRN Owner

One Response to “Dear Everyone – Please Read”

  1. Tweed Woodget Says:

    I’m so sorry Matty, I know there are a lot of well meaning folks out there, but there are also an awful lot of selfish people who don’t think about the consequences of their actions. The Lindens are just employees, the days of personal interaction are pretty much over. it’s a corporate world now. Just remember that we do appreciate all that you have accomplished and love you. Huggz, Tweedy.

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