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Posted in BRN content Updates on July 25, 2009 by Matty

Freedonia Update!_001WOOHOO I am so sorry, oh so so sorry for how long this has taken, but its done! I did it! YES I DID! Freedonia has finally gotten some updates, and good ones at that!  you can pick up all of these are at the Builders Resource Center, Freedonia, THIRD FLOOR!!! (Yes opened up third floor!)

1) Innulas Magic Script Cleaner

  • Deletes and scrubs every script from every child prim in a linkset

2) 2 scripts to help you sell things AS FOLDERS! (NO MORE BOXING!)

  • One being a eat script which sells things via the fast pay, this one needs to have a price set, but don’t fret if you are a freebie giver we have also added the scripts which allows people to touch recieve folder drops from objects.

3) nPose Multi Av sitting programme, we have added this notecard with the nPose multi av sitting programme, and strongly suggest you join the group, its worth having, worth joining and its well supported.

4) the AE open source swing scripts, make your own swings! not only have we boxed this with the script but THANKS TO KATHYJ ONCE AGAIN! A demo swing is already made up for you ready to go and play with! (THANKS KATHY!)

5) Now this is a VERY special gift, oh its so special, its a gift from our dear BRN member Alimah, CEO of Desibo Design Studios. Its a texture that fits on-top of a 64x64x0.5 mega prim and allows you see parcel sizes, upto 4096m, ever wanted to make a hosue for a 512 parcel but been confused how big a 512 is? Well no more!

I know its not everything I wanted to add, but with time being short I am so stretched and tired, my mouth has some sores in it and I am soooooo needing rest. There will be some Akihabara updates soon (2 tables I made!) and even better theres a script in the works thats an all purpose door! Though we will see how it turns out, we are 90% there! Just a few bugs to work through!

-Happy Building

-BRN Blog Team


Notice on latest incident.

Posted in BRN NEWS on July 25, 2009 by Matty

Dear BRN Community

I and the moderators of this group have always dealt with issues in the BRN democratically and with your concerns at heart.

With the recent incident of removing a certain member (who we wish not to name as we do not believe it our right) we understand that this person has been very upset and lodged complaints against us, as well as made slanderous remarks towards the BRN.

Since you all are such wonderful people, and we hate drama so much. We wish to let you know from us first about the incident so you do not think we are hiding anything from you at later date :)

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The gift of a Walnut Cabinet

Posted in BRN content Updates on July 17, 2009 by Matty

Kathys Wallnut CabinetThis cabinet reminds me something really expensive! and yet its 0L! a nice donation and gift to the BRN from KathyJ, complete with lockable doors and with the permissions of (copy, and mod (No transfer) meaning you can modify things into it! and resize it.

I have to say! Kathy actually did really well with this one, the shelves are the right size,  so is the compartment for clothes.

Thanks Kathy!

You can pick up a copy at Matty’s Low Prim Store in Akihabara. Second booth to the west!

-Happy Building!

-BRN Blog Team

Another Gift from Hairy Thor!

Posted in BRN content Updates on July 12, 2009 by Matty

Hairy Thor - Fire Place_001A beautiful gift from Hairy Thor has once again dropped on us! time a lovely scripted smokey chimey pretty with sculptie logs 7 prim fire place! (wow thats a mouth full)

Thank you Hairy Thor of Thor Designs for another beautiful creation and donation! I have to say I love the smoke coming out the top!

Remember! If you want to help support the BRN feel free to donation lindens and creations to keep things growing and coming! Thank you all for all your support!

-Happy Building!
-BRN Blog Team

Woo Freebies that were lost are back out

Posted in BRN content Updates on July 5, 2009 by Matty

Freshly Boxed and set back outWell we lost a few freebies when the BRN was moving, and now I have put them out boxed.

The River Bridge is back out, as is my very badly made barn (I think its horrible who knows why certain people asked for it) and the Gazebo!

RiverBridge – 15 Prims

Barn – 42 Prims

Gazebo – 9 Prims

You can find them at Mattys Low Prim Store in Akihabara! second booth to the west!

-Happy Building!
-BRN Blog Team

A gift from Hairy Thor!

Posted in BRN content Updates on July 4, 2009 by Matty

Woooo how lucky we are to be blessed with such wonderful talant! This time from BRN Moderator Hairy Thor

Kindly donated is a beautiful house, and at 54 prims not bad! Best suited for a 1024 parcel! It is a magnificant piece of art!

If you can’t rez it enjoy the piccies below and if you can! Pick it up at Mattys Low Prim Freebies in Akihabara!

Dear Everyone – Please Read

Posted in BRN NEWS on July 2, 2009 by Matty

Dear BRN Members

All stores are up, the BRN is ‘back’ in business! I wish to thank our supporters, our builders, and of course you people the community and fans, for helping us shift. I want to thank Pippas, for holding the BRN as long as she did, even after I could not afford it, shes an angel and such a valued member of the community! Not to mention Ak Yip, for his continued support of Akihabara, and Kathy, for the offering of the parcel and assistance while we moved. Then of course theres innula but i tell her everyday how great she is!

-Please read on-

As you saw the notice, I am planning on giving up quiet a bit of SL time, to… just be elsewhere. I am very sorry everyone but I got hurt by LL, and need some break time.

To top that off, I am generally not coping. I am very on edge. People in the BRN/SL as a whole say things to me, and I am getting upset, the only difference is, I am actually getting angry. I don’t usually get angry, in fact…. I have not gotten angry in years.

For instance. Today someone messaged me askign to use my script. I said I would rather they not use it in their build. What made me very upset, is that I finished the IM by giving them a landmark, and telling them to head to freedonia because it will soon be age verified and they are not verified according to their profile, and they could pick up thosuands of L worth of builders tools (at least compared to sLX pricing of similar tools) they made me feel like I was spamming, and I got upset.

Similar things have happened a lot lately, and I am sorry but its just to much now. I can’t shrug these things off like I use to.

-please continue reading on, your the bestest for making it this far!-

While I limit my time and so on, I want to ask you all in the BRN a favor, to tell the truth. I don’t expect many of you to even read this. By now you saw the start and closed off, or you didn’t click the link in the first place. However I will ask anyway.

Can you the BRN community, instead of handing out freebies to people who ask, pass landmarks for them to come get them, themselves?

I won’t enforce this, or anything of the sort, its just simply a favor. I think people if they really want something, should make the effort to go get it. It saddens me people just demand, and it saddens me more so that the brn’s freebies are being given out by other freebie stores, some for proffit.

The other thing I wish to ask. Is that you don’t re-use scripts in BRN freebies, without asking first, the script we give out, as scripts are fine! We give those out for that purpose! However…. the scripts such as my firefly script, inside my table and orbs, fountians etc. I would rather you not re-use that in your creations. That was a very special script, written in hand with my late partner. I understand there is one full permissioned script going around, that someone stole off me. I also know theres a few people re-using my script with the no mod permission, I have since changed to no transfer.

But as the motto goes, if in doubt- ask away.

I am sorry group chat is so messy these days, hope you all forgive me.

-LilMatty Althouse
-BRN Owner