Sigh, More problems, I am a magnet

NB: Thanks all for your help! Got the land we needed!!

Well, just as I moved the third store (at last, just need to get teleports) I heard I MAY have lost the first store due to the sim being pulled from under it, so the move is taking a bit longer than expected, well… actually a lot longer. Even though we are unsure of loosing the land yet, I like to be prepared for the worst, so on that note.

:( If anyone wishes to offer up a parcel of around 200 prims (Non adult sim) please IM me or notecard drop me. I will try to resolve the problems ASAP, love you all… hold tight!

I feel sorry for the sim owner, and Eva -luckily the BRN hadn’t opened from moving. So work fixing should not be to hard.

As it stands, the Tutorial Library is up, as is the art gallery, the store we ‘May’ have lost is Evatars, the free Avatar store, at around 200 prims, we would love to get this place back up and running, asap.

I am sorry everyoen in the BRN, that I have let you down so much. I hope you forgive me and can be patient.

The BRN is not jsut a group for the BRN freebies, but building of all forms within SL- I will try resolve this within one more week, if problems don’t keep coming at me with a sharp jab!

-LilMatty Althouse
-BRN Owner

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