Project Survive!

Well everyone, as many of you know the BRN has been in a lot of trouble as of late, so my primary focus for the entire group has been what I call Project Survive, do what I can and must to make sure this group can outlast the financial difficulties plaguing us all, being non profit, our kind of organization is one of the first to get hit.

My first apologies is for all those people who the BRN was renting land from, we are so sorry to put you through any difficulties :( and with that, have moved lindens to you for our last week, and will make a payment of one weeks rent to you all as soon as we have it to make up for the week spent finding another renter. The BRN wished for no harm or troubles to come to anyone associated with us, and we will do our best to pull you through and lessen the burden.

The BRN’s plan is simple, we will move all stores over to donated land thanks to the community donations from people with sims who can allow us, I have spoken to each of these places and they have assured me they are for the moment quiet financially stable, although this will not take the costs of the BRN to zero, it will help with lessening it, until the BRN and the community around it has moved into better financial positions so that we can keep offering the support we can to the residents of Second Life in terms of Freebies and Advice, with the primary focus on building!

Once we have moved to Donated Land, we will then plan some form of Fundraiser, in order to cover the debt of moving, and then will resume to the model of Free support, donate if you feel we are worth it and wish to see us continue! Feel free to offer ideas!

Evatars will seperated from the Tutorial Library and moved to a Seperate parcel, Thanks to BRN Member cpl, we are so thankful for his donation, and we hope this works out.

The Tutorial Library, and art gallery will also be moved to a donated Parcel, Thanks to BRN Member by Kathy

Please note the BRN will loose around 4000M of land, so it may take a while for things to be up and back to normal.

The expected downtime of the BRN locations is a week! But we will work fast to get everything up and how it was!

Thanks everyone for your continued support, your donations and most of all your patience!

NB: Freedonia, Ak’s Free Sculpties, The Texture Market and Matty’s Low Prim Store, The BRN Event Hall, And the Prim Art gallery are not to affected, and nothing will change, changes will be made to Evatars, The tutorial Library and the Free House Art/The Viewing Avatar Sketch gallery

Thank you Innula, Pippas, Connie, Vji, Hairy and Ak for your wonderful help.


-BRN Owner

One Response to “Project Survive!”

  1. Tweed Woodget Says:

    Hi Matty! Let me know if there’s anything I can do. I don’t have a Sim ,but maybe I can do something to raise money or something, huggz Tweedy.

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