New Textures at the Texture Market!

I am often in awe at connies ability to organize textures, especially in terms of the permissions needed to distribute them. I love the texture market becase Connie has assured me, each one is put out with the right permissions, blessed by the owners and that ones reported are removed, so here we are with a Texture Market update from Connie!

New Texture are as follows!

Tiles:  for floors walls & roof
Windows – custom alphas
Metals:  a lot of new metals including bronze zinc iron lead
Clothing textures: tops, gloves, pants, stockings, shoes & templates

Cory Ondrejkas AF  wood textures are good, also added 2 more backgrounds sets.

Gene Jacobs has kindly allowed us to share his free textures, they include alphas for windows, a set for building a cabin, sculpt maps & more.

And althouh I am unsure if these are new or not, theres 54 Animated “New signs” Up also, actually… not sure if they all say New or if the box is new, but either way! Am sure Connie will set me straight soon!

A special thanks to Cory and Gene for being supportive of the BRN project, and of Connies Texture market, they are indeed very talanted so much is owed to them!

-Happy Building!
-BRN Blog Team!

One Response to “New Textures at the Texture Market!”

  1. Whooo! Go Connie!

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