Evatars Massive Update for the cute and cuddly avatar collectors

EvasStore_001Evatars has once again sparkled, a gem amongst free content in Second Life. For those of you who are not aware, Evatars is a free Avatar store, mainly focussed on the cute and cuddly, with things from Pokemon right down to strange cute bears.

When Eva says there is an update, its usually huge and detailed and this time is no exception, because the list is so long, I will put it down below, however I strongly suggest you head over to Evatars and see for yourself.

Added Avatars

Raspberry and Blackberry (Teddy Bears)
Rila Kuma (teddy bear)
Movey the bunny
Bunny Rabbit
Junk Synchron
Domo Kun
Elfant Princess [sic]
Pink Kitty cat – comes with 7 outfits!
Mareep the eletric sheep
Rosey the kitty
Slowpoke and Slowbro
Regice and Regirock – golems
Phione’s schoolgirl uniform
Morphing Jar
Insect Queen
Mokey Mokey
Possesd Toaster

Also to mention, is the updates made to two of hte pokemon avatars  Smoochum and Jigglypuff.

Oh, also on a side note! That insect queen avatar is so very cool and scary!

Now I understand this may not be for everything, however if you are attracted to the cute and wonderful, or perhaps you just like to endulge in Avatar hoarding and collecting… This is definently a place to go! Oh and before I forget, the pictures in the middle circle, may require a little zooming, however they are the avatars, and buy at will!

Thank you Eva for your BRN donation!

-Happy building!
-BRN Blog Team!

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