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Sigh, More problems, I am a magnet

Posted in BRN NEWS on June 28, 2009 by Matty

NB: Thanks all for your help! Got the land we needed!!

Well, just as I moved the third store (at last, just need to get teleports) I heard I MAY have lost the first store due to the sim being pulled from under it, so the move is taking a bit longer than expected, well… actually a lot longer. Even though we are unsure of loosing the land yet, I like to be prepared for the worst, so on that note.

:( If anyone wishes to offer up a parcel of around 200 prims (Non adult sim) please IM me or notecard drop me. I will try to resolve the problems ASAP, love you all… hold tight!

I feel sorry for the sim owner, and Eva -luckily the BRN hadn’t opened from moving. So work fixing should not be to hard.

As it stands, the Tutorial Library is up, as is the art gallery, the store we ‘May’ have lost is Evatars, the free Avatar store, at around 200 prims, we would love to get this place back up and running, asap.

I am sorry everyoen in the BRN, that I have let you down so much. I hope you forgive me and can be patient.

The BRN is not jsut a group for the BRN freebies, but building of all forms within SL- I will try resolve this within one more week, if problems don’t keep coming at me with a sharp jab!

-LilMatty Althouse
-BRN Owner


Project Survive!

Posted in BRN NEWS on June 16, 2009 by Matty

Well everyone, as many of you know the BRN has been in a lot of trouble as of late, so my primary focus for the entire group has been what I call Project Survive, do what I can and must to make sure this group can outlast the financial difficulties plaguing us all, being non profit, our kind of organization is one of the first to get hit.

My first apologies is for all those people who the BRN was renting land from, we are so sorry to put you through any difficulties :( and with that, have moved lindens to you for our last week, and will make a payment of one weeks rent to you all as soon as we have it to make up for the week spent finding another renter. The BRN wished for no harm or troubles to come to anyone associated with us, and we will do our best to pull you through and lessen the burden.

The BRN’s plan is simple, we will move all stores over to donated land thanks to the community donations from people with sims who can allow us, I have spoken to each of these places and they have assured me they are for the moment quiet financially stable, although this will not take the costs of the BRN to zero, it will help with lessening it, until the BRN and the community around it has moved into better financial positions so that we can keep offering the support we can to the residents of Second Life in terms of Freebies and Advice, with the primary focus on building!

Once we have moved to Donated Land, we will then plan some form of Fundraiser, in order to cover the debt of moving, and then will resume to the model of Free support, donate if you feel we are worth it and wish to see us continue! Feel free to offer ideas!

Evatars will seperated from the Tutorial Library and moved to a Seperate parcel, Thanks to BRN Member cpl, we are so thankful for his donation, and we hope this works out.

The Tutorial Library, and art gallery will also be moved to a donated Parcel, Thanks to BRN Member by Kathy

Please note the BRN will loose around 4000M of land, so it may take a while for things to be up and back to normal.

The expected downtime of the BRN locations is a week! But we will work fast to get everything up and how it was!

Thanks everyone for your continued support, your donations and most of all your patience!

NB: Freedonia, Ak’s Free Sculpties, The Texture Market and Matty’s Low Prim Store, The BRN Event Hall, And the Prim Art gallery are not to affected, and nothing will change, changes will be made to Evatars, The tutorial Library and the Free House Art/The Viewing Avatar Sketch gallery

Thank you Innula, Pippas, Connie, Vji, Hairy and Ak for your wonderful help.


-BRN Owner

New Textures at the Texture Market!

Posted in BRN content Updates on June 7, 2009 by Matty

I am often in awe at connies ability to organize textures, especially in terms of the permissions needed to distribute them. I love the texture market becase Connie has assured me, each one is put out with the right permissions, blessed by the owners and that ones reported are removed, so here we are with a Texture Market update from Connie!

New Texture are as follows!

Tiles:  for floors walls & roof
Windows – custom alphas
Metals:  a lot of new metals including bronze zinc iron lead
Clothing textures: tops, gloves, pants, stockings, shoes & templates

Cory Ondrejkas AF  wood textures are good, also added 2 more backgrounds sets.

Gene Jacobs has kindly allowed us to share his free textures, they include alphas for windows, a set for building a cabin, sculpt maps & more.

And althouh I am unsure if these are new or not, theres 54 Animated “New signs” Up also, actually… not sure if they all say New or if the box is new, but either way! Am sure Connie will set me straight soon!

A special thanks to Cory and Gene for being supportive of the BRN project, and of Connies Texture market, they are indeed very talanted so much is owed to them!

-Happy Building!
-BRN Blog Team!

A Gift from wonderful Spishak!

Posted in BRN content Updates on June 4, 2009 by Matty

Hey everyone! Another of those beautiful gifts has floated into the BRN! This time from fellow BRN Member Spishak! In the form of what is known as “Spishak’s Awesome Water Script”

This does it all,

  • Texture, Sound
  • Sound Volume
  • Alpha (clear)
  • Phantom
  • Speed of Water
  • Color of Water
  • What side the water will be on

Included is a rundown of the script also,

Thank you very much Spishak for this kind donation, it is so very appreciated, and look forward to seeing your contributions to Second Life and your products in the future!

-Happy Building!
-BRN Blog team!

Evatars Massive Update for the cute and cuddly avatar collectors

Posted in BRN content Updates, BRN NEWS on June 1, 2009 by Matty

EvasStore_001Evatars has once again sparkled, a gem amongst free content in Second Life. For those of you who are not aware, Evatars is a free Avatar store, mainly focussed on the cute and cuddly, with things from Pokemon right down to strange cute bears.

When Eva says there is an update, its usually huge and detailed and this time is no exception, because the list is so long, I will put it down below, however I strongly suggest you head over to Evatars and see for yourself.

Added Avatars

Raspberry and Blackberry (Teddy Bears)
Rila Kuma (teddy bear)
Movey the bunny
Bunny Rabbit
Junk Synchron
Domo Kun
Elfant Princess [sic]
Pink Kitty cat – comes with 7 outfits!
Mareep the eletric sheep
Rosey the kitty
Slowpoke and Slowbro
Regice and Regirock – golems
Phione’s schoolgirl uniform
Morphing Jar
Insect Queen
Mokey Mokey
Possesd Toaster

Also to mention, is the updates made to two of hte pokemon avatars  Smoochum and Jigglypuff.

Oh, also on a side note! That insect queen avatar is so very cool and scary!

Now I understand this may not be for everything, however if you are attracted to the cute and wonderful, or perhaps you just like to endulge in Avatar hoarding and collecting… This is definently a place to go! Oh and before I forget, the pictures in the middle circle, may require a little zooming, however they are the avatars, and buy at will!

Thank you Eva for your BRN donation!

-Happy building!
-BRN Blog Team!