The KathyJ Fountain Collection!

NOTE: The Gargoyle fountains with the broken permissions is now fixed!!

Oh how blessed we are in the BRN to have such amazing talant! Sometimes its easy to forget that but then, other times! It’s so obvious!

Personally I think these are far to good to be giving out free! But then again thats just me! However, no presenting in awesome cool pictures! KathyJ’s collection of fountains!

Gargoylepicture_001First off we have the Gargoyle fountain, and my favorite hehe, not that the others aren’t great but WOW this looks so cool!

I really, really like the red! The sculptie Gargoyles are nice to! Just be warned this is 38 prims!

Whale Fountain!The next fountain is the whale fountain! Which has quiet an interesting design! I love the cute sculptie whale on the top! and the choice of colors! (and 6 prims!)

Oh! Not to mention the cool staircase design!

Jade Fountainand finally we have the Jade Fountain! Which (maybe kathy doesn’t agree! this is my opinion!) Looks very close to a bird fountain! Which I think is great! So I think tihs is probably one of my favorites, because I really do love birds, (It’s also 4 prim!)

but… then again there all my favorites, oh well, good thing I have them all! mwhahaha.

And you can to! Just head to Mattys Low Prim Freebies at Akihabara and pick them up! Thanks Kathy for the wonderifically wonderful super duper fantastical donation of these beautiful fountains as freebies!

-Happy Building!
-BRN Blog Team!

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