Further Clarification on Bots and Camping

With the new Linden Policy being announced on Bots and Camping it has created a bit of confusion, actually the Clarification still leaves huge holes that still need answering… However for those confused, I want to link you to the first post in a Linden Lab perspective just why bots are bad, the post following that titled: “Conclusion to the Blog Post on Bots” also, I suggest you read so you can understand what the third post is saying!

Jack has posted up a clarification post to follow these, which doesn’t clear everything but does say a bit.

It is important as Land owners that you pay attention to what evetually comes about with a bot/camping ban. My personal view is that this may have a bigger impact on the economy than the search counter. As many residents, especially who are new and unsure of spending money on a virtual world use camping as a way to earn the lindens to fund their Virtual Lives.

Do have a good read, and to all you sim owners who use camping, my thoughts are with you!

-Happy Building!
-BRN Blog Team

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