Adult Content changes just first phase

The Monday Morning PG Definition Reachout session was just another re-cap, and perhaps they titled it wrong as no actual PG definition chat took place at all.

However one interesting quote must be pointed out

General Counsel, Marty Roberts:

“In phase two, we will probably change what we call PG and M to something that’s more descriptive. We’re happy to take any suggestions that you have. AO is pretty obvious, but M and PG, what we mean by it are unique to Second Life. And so we want to come up with new phrases to describe. So that will be part of phase two and that, believe it or not, involves a technical change that’s not as easy as it might be.”

One thing noted is that the meanings of PG and M in Second Life today DO NOT mean the same as the ESRB, MPAA or any other meaning already in existence.

Linden Labs also acknowledged that the changes we see will only be the first phase and we can expect more to come, as shown by the above quote.

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