A Gift from Tweedy to the BRN! The Dome!

Well everyone how lucky we are that the BRN has such awesome members! This time a gift from Tweedy! A dome Structure! This AWESOME beautiful Dome has a base of 32m x 32m, and if you Rez it, I suggest you look up at the sky, as thats where mine ended up. I hope tweedy doesn’t mind but I made a few tiny modifications to the original. It is one fully linked 10 prim structure, with a phantom opening at the front, it is full permissioned. So you can play with it how you wish.  The outside is solid black as you can see from the pictures, and the inside is fully textures (sorry tweedy) with a stainglass window I made.

Theres a spiral ramp up to the second floor, the second floor bottom is see through, (which I thought was pretty cool to see floating furniture from below.

Thanks Tweedy for this wonderful gift! Pictures Below!

You can pick this up in Akihabara at the Low prim store right beside that free 512 house I put up many moons ago.

-Happy Building

-BRN Blog Team

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