Ak Yip updates his store and add’s more content! (including freebies!)

Well everyone our dear, dear friend and wonderful builder Ak Yip has once again updated his store in Akihabara (Click for SLURL), including his freebies. The New store clearly labels what is free and what is paid via a cool boarder texture… and offers just that bit more for his fans.

In terms of Free content theres new belt sculpties, and! WOOHOO! and some sculptie animal parts from what I think are Ak’s early SL days when I first found his cute store. Oh nearly forgot! Sculptie Texture Bases also.

Ak Yip has been a good donator to the BRN So what better way to say we love his work that to show you all some pictures of just what he has on offer!

The last picture, the rain cloud, has to be my favorite, to often in SL have I thought of adding a little particle rain but found the scripts to expensive. Now I must point out, Ak’s particle rain script is not free BUT! at only 290L, its very much affordable.

I would like to once again thank AK for all his hard work, and extend my thanks for just all he has offered us, no doubt Ak’s remodeled store has much more on offer, as those are the ones that stood out the most to me on my brief walk through.

-Happy Building!
-BRN Blog Team

2 Responses to “Ak Yip updates his store and add’s more content! (including freebies!)”

  1. […] The link is here: Ak Yip updates his store and add’s more content! (including freebies!) […]

  2. yep. thanks for rememebering that new freebie-sculpties contains my animals in early days…:)

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