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The KathyJ Fountain Collection!

Posted in BRN content Updates on May 28, 2009 by Matty

NOTE: The Gargoyle fountains with the broken permissions is now fixed!!

Oh how blessed we are in the BRN to have such amazing talant! Sometimes its easy to forget that but then, other times! It’s so obvious!

Personally I think these are far to good to be giving out free! But then again thats just me! However, no presenting in awesome cool pictures! KathyJ’s collection of fountains!

Gargoylepicture_001First off we have the Gargoyle fountain, and my favorite hehe, not that the others aren’t great but WOW this looks so cool!

I really, really like the red! The sculptie Gargoyles are nice to! Just be warned this is 38 prims!

Whale Fountain!The next fountain is the whale fountain! Which has quiet an interesting design! I love the cute sculptie whale on the top! and the choice of colors! (and 6 prims!)

Oh! Not to mention the cool staircase design!

Jade Fountainand finally we have the Jade Fountain! Which (maybe kathy doesn’t agree! this is my opinion!) Looks very close to a bird fountain! Which I think is great! So I think tihs is probably one of my favorites, because I really do love birds, (It’s also 4 prim!)

but… then again there all my favorites, oh well, good thing I have them all! mwhahaha.

And you can to! Just head to Mattys Low Prim Freebies at Akihabara and pick them up! Thanks Kathy for the wonderifically wonderful super duper fantastical donation of these beautiful fountains as freebies!

-Happy Building!
-BRN Blog Team!


Re-selling my and the BRN’s Freebies. (Especially while in my group)

Posted in BRN NEWS on May 24, 2009 by Matty

It pains me to have to say this but it must be said, certain people  have been reselling BRN content donated by myself or others through countless hours of work. While this is noting new, it pains me to say that it has come to my attention that certain members in this group are/have been doing it. I wish to put out a warning that all people caught doing this while a member in this group, will be banend, ejected and lawyers contacted about a possible DMCA filing.

Now I must point out this doesn’t mean you can’t use these in products you are selling, as long as the product and creation is of your own and not others, then I do not mind, the purpose of these Freebeis are to encourage and help promote creativity and thought!

If you have any questions or if in doubt, feel free to ask myself or the BRN group.

-LilMatty Althouse

-BRN Owner

Further Clarification on Bots and Camping

Posted in BRN NEWS on May 23, 2009 by Matty

With the new Linden Policy being announced on Bots and Camping it has created a bit of confusion, actually the Clarification still leaves huge holes that still need answering… However for those confused, I want to link you to the first post in a Linden Lab perspective just why bots are bad, the post following that titled: “Conclusion to the Blog Post on Bots” also, I suggest you read so you can understand what the third post is saying!

Jack has posted up a clarification post to follow these, which doesn’t clear everything but does say a bit.

It is important as Land owners that you pay attention to what evetually comes about with a bot/camping ban. My personal view is that this may have a bigger impact on the economy than the search counter. As many residents, especially who are new and unsure of spending money on a virtual world use camping as a way to earn the lindens to fund their Virtual Lives.

Do have a good read, and to all you sim owners who use camping, my thoughts are with you!

-Happy Building!
-BRN Blog Team

Spiral Ramps!!!

Posted in BRN content Updates on May 17, 2009 by Matty

1primspiralramps-stairs_001Well, some of us despise stairs, maybe cause they are primmy, maybe because the sculptie ones need phantom ramps underneath, and in the case of spirals! It can be a nightmare, so with that Tweedy has offered up 1 spiral ramp, and I am offering up another!

They are hosted at Freedonia, second floor, North West Corner beside the 230 Sculptie stairs set! and I hope you enjoy!

– Happy Building!
– BRN Blog Team!

Adult Content changes just first phase

Posted in BRN NEWS on May 13, 2009 by Matty

The Monday Morning PG Definition Reachout session was just another re-cap, and perhaps they titled it wrong as no actual PG definition chat took place at all.

However one interesting quote must be pointed out

General Counsel, Marty Roberts:

“In phase two, we will probably change what we call PG and M to something that’s more descriptive. We’re happy to take any suggestions that you have. AO is pretty obvious, but M and PG, what we mean by it are unique to Second Life. And so we want to come up with new phrases to describe. So that will be part of phase two and that, believe it or not, involves a technical change that’s not as easy as it might be.”

One thing noted is that the meanings of PG and M in Second Life today DO NOT mean the same as the ESRB, MPAA or any other meaning already in existence.

Linden Labs also acknowledged that the changes we see will only be the first phase and we can expect more to come, as shown by the above quote.

A Gift from Tweedy to the BRN! The Dome!

Posted in BRN content Updates on May 12, 2009 by Matty

Well everyone how lucky we are that the BRN has such awesome members! This time a gift from Tweedy! A dome Structure! This AWESOME beautiful Dome has a base of 32m x 32m, and if you Rez it, I suggest you look up at the sky, as thats where mine ended up. I hope tweedy doesn’t mind but I made a few tiny modifications to the original. It is one fully linked 10 prim structure, with a phantom opening at the front, it is full permissioned. So you can play with it how you wish.¬† The outside is solid black as you can see from the pictures, and the inside is fully textures (sorry tweedy) with a stainglass window I made.

Theres a spiral ramp up to the second floor, the second floor bottom is see through, (which I thought was pretty cool to see floating furniture from below.

Thanks Tweedy for this wonderful gift! Pictures Below!

You can pick this up in Akihabara at the Low prim store right beside that free 512 house I put up many moons ago.

-Happy Building

-BRN Blog Team

Ak Yip updates his store and add’s more content! (including freebies!)

Posted in BRN content Updates, BRN NEWS on May 7, 2009 by Matty

Well everyone our dear, dear friend and wonderful builder Ak Yip has once again updated his store in Akihabara (Click for SLURL), including his freebies. The New store clearly labels what is free and what is paid via a cool boarder texture… and offers just that bit more for his fans.

In terms of Free content theres new belt sculpties, and! WOOHOO! and some sculptie animal parts from what I think are Ak’s early SL days when I first found his cute store. Oh nearly forgot! Sculptie Texture Bases also.

Ak Yip has been a good donator to the BRN So what better way to say we love his work that to show you all some pictures of just what he has on offer!

The last picture, the rain cloud, has to be my favorite, to often in SL have I thought of adding a little particle rain but found the scripts to expensive. Now I must point out, Ak’s particle rain script is not free BUT! at only 290L, its very much affordable.

I would like to once again thank AK for all his hard work, and extend my thanks for just all he has offered us, no doubt Ak’s remodeled store has much more on offer, as those are the ones that stood out the most to me on my brief walk through.

-Happy Building!
-BRN Blog Team