#11 In Focus! Part C! Marketing in SL using third party tools available on the web

Marketing in SL using third party tools available on the web!

Well the previous articles we looked at community management, and the various ways to market yourself, within Second Life without the assistance of various tools available outside of Second Life, This article, Part C! I am going to look at various ways to market using those tools outside of Second Life on the web.

What are the various tools are there to market with outside of Second Life?

With the internet being so very vast and infinite we are faced with the problem of an infinite number of various tools we can use to try get our message across from the standard old webpage to social networking blog, and video sites… the choices are nearly endless. With that in mind the tools I would like to focus on are either very obvious well known mediums or unique, either way, many of you will be familiar with them… if not for them being right in front of you, but for them being in the media!

1) You Tube/Videos!

Well there’s no denying it Second Life has attacked You Tube in every way, shape and form. From Tutorial Videos, to Machinima, not to mention product demonstrations and even at times product hate… You Tube, and Videos have become a valuable resource.

The only thing you must remember when using these sites is many are under copy-right law. If you make a video and publish it to a site, make sure all sound/audio and video footage is your own… or you may find all your hard work removed.

Just don’t forget to be Creative!

2) Twitter!

Tweet, tweet! One of the most amazing wonderful emerging tools to date , Twitter, if you haven’t heard of it… at least read up about it, Twitter has become useful as a social networking tool to post simple fast updates, but with the help of Ak Yip and other talents in Second Life you can display these messages in Second Life in your store, providing updates to every store with one post! Not only can you do that! But Ak Yip made for the BRN a way to keep logs of donations from tip jars on twitter! Who knows what will show up next!

3) Blogs!

Hah! I don’t even need to post on this one, you are on one! And if you’re reading this! Then you can see how the tool is useful yourself! What blogs have over Twitter is the ability to do exactly what this article is doing, going in depth! Blogs are useful for showing pictures, product updates, news, and all the abilities of a good website but in one place. There are many places to make and host blogs free, my favourite is this site here WordPress

4) Websites!

Now this one is a use by caution, at least in opinion, you never want to start a site and not have time to finish it, sites unlike blogs or twitter have the big problem of being rather time consuming, you need to focus, make sure pages are complete, up to date, be in depth, and most of all active. Sites also cost, for a proper domain, and more importantly… Websites need to be well designed, if going down this path, a Month’s worth a research is always best. I have a certificate in Digital Media and Design and although that’s not as qualified as many of you probably reading this in Design! It did teach me one thing; people only stare at a page for a couple of minutes, if they don’t like what they see they hit the back button, if they do… you could have a potential customer and consumer.

5) XstreetSL

Now if you haven’t heard of Xstreet, you are very out of touch with the SLorld! To put things bluntly, we have all heard of online auctioning sites on the internet such as Ebay, Yahoo Auctions, Trademe… (As the case maybe with my country) And XstreetSL provides this service for Second Life, an online auction site off-world to assist you with purchasing goods in-world. However what you may not know is that it is more than just posting up listings, it takes a lot of dedication to keep your products up to date. XstreetSL also acts as a community, with a very active forum (message board) which has great listings, community questions and provides a great place for Q and A on all things Second Life.

Things to keep in mind!

Marketing in Second Life, well in fact anywhere… does takes time, you must remember to plan strategically, to know your target audience/demographic, plan the locations of your store, and most importantly, remember that you will run at a loss before at a profit.

Second Lifers know store names; remember to name your store as something easy to remember, to have landmarks easy to access, but don’t bombard them with information that they feel intimidated.

Talk to your customers, engage in active community events.

Form alliances and deals/partnerships with other businesses, such as if you are a dress maker, talk to other store owners or products such as skins and shapes, organize fashion shows and other events to promote yourself using all of the communities.

BE CREATIVE! Second Life tends to desensitize its residents; you will always have to think outside the box.

Remember that things take time, don’t rush into anything… Don’t be afraid to hire others to do certain work on your products to improve them, such as scripter’s, animators… texture artists.

Don’t overdo it!

~End note~

Well this ends out Marketing articles… sorry they have taken so long but with the opening of the texture market and a few other problems we have run into along the way, it was put on the back burner, sorry it’s not as in depth as I originally planned but if you do have any questions, you know I am but an IM Away!

Don’t forget this is a 3 part series you can readthe other two parts by clicking the links below.

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