landmarkgiver_001The Builders Resource Network would like to welcome into our family The Texture Market, owned by Connie of Kiwi Paradise.

The Texture Market is a market full of thousands of textures, most free and some at very low prices (10L the cost of upload) that can be used in builds, all of which are uploaded and given out with the permission of the builders.

(If you see anything that should not be there IM Connie so it can be removed)

It has been a long process to organize and negotiate this invitation and merger into the BRN, and we are happy that at long last it has finally been completed.

With this announcement it now takes the Resource Network locations to a total of eight!

A new Landmark Giver created by Vji has also been made to go along with this announcement, I would like to personally thank Vji for his time and effort, and its helped cut down on the estimated 3 weeks to work on all the little details to a mere two!

Don’t forget to donate to keep the Builders Resource Network growing and the collection of freebies expanding! Every linden counts!

-Happy Building
-BRN Blog Team!


  1. Connie has worked long and hard to build this market/castle/mall/hangout and is still remodeling and adding to the building and the grounds around it.
    Connie’s other builds are nearby and many of them are for sale. There are other shops inside the market that Connie is renting out for business, and there are parks set around the place to just relax and enjoy the jazz on our parcel stream.
    Connie has also gone through great pains to make sure everything in the Texture Market is truly full permissions and not stolen and remarked at free. This is an ongoing process, if you see textures that you know are not supposed to be resold IM her.

    Thank you BRN for including the texture market in your network^^

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