A Year old and 200 Members strong!

WOOHOO! What a mission its been, growing the group has been tough, not to mention tiring… I think a lot of the moderators and long time supporters would be happy to hear that we are finally a year old, and our goal of 200 members has been achieved at last!

With that I wish to send you all a thank you, especially those of you who have stuck by me through a lot, those of you who helped me return to Second Life, and most importantly, those of you who are patient with me, and let me go about things in my own time so that I do not get overwhelmed.

With that I wish to place some names below who I believe deserve special thanks for their outstanding effort in the Growing, continuation, and creation of what has become the Builders Resource Network.


Thank you for your original support of the Builders Resource Network, when first starting it was a struggle but you and the Builders Exchange stuck by it, so I do believe that my first thanks should be to you!


These two were the original founders of the Builders Resource Network, not to mention donators and contributors.

The Moderators


The Donators!

Ak Yip
Arba Croatia

And!! The Builders who help with the events and the Freebie locations you all like!

Pippas Papp

I know many of you fit in Multiple Catagories, so I put you in the ones I first clicked on goign down the group -giggle- As for the Long Time supporters! There is just to many to list! But rest assured I know each of you personally and as I see you I have sent quiet a few of you personal thank you messages!

Lets hope this next year will be another year of growth, and thank you all for supporting us this far, its going to be tough to keep the BRN floating during these troubled times in both the real world and the virtual problems we are facing in Second Life… but I am sure that we will find away!

-Happy Building!
-BRN Blog Team

One Response to “A Year old and 200 Members strong!”

  1. Michil Kas Says:

    Well done everyone! Keep up the great efforts.

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