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The current BRN problem in relation to group IM’s

Posted in BRN NEWS on April 29, 2009 by Matty

UPDATE: Group IM’s have begun to work again thanks to the help of wonderful Lindens. So we are back! Thanks everyone for not giving up! don’t forget the Grid Discussion is this Saturday 9am PDT! Hope to see you all there!

To my dear beloved community. The BRN is/has been facing a terrible time this last week. The group IM’s have fallen down, and our group inviters were destoyed during the last wave of grid-wide issues. We have been unable to help builders, provide solutions, ask questions and assist others. Sadly I am unsure of when this will be resolved. The lindens provide no answer, but direct me to a Jira published in 2007 with no linden updates since March 2008. I don’t think that will be of any help.

The Grid discussion on Saturday 9am will go as planned, as will normal BRN operations of adding resources and trying to assist community.

If these problems still continue by Next week Friday, I will implement perhaps an out of world communication tool to make it easier for everyone to communicate till the in-world problem has resolved itself, or perhaps a new in world solution.

Till this time I must beg you all, pleaes do not abandon the group or give up hope on what we offer, and if you do have any problems or concerns please feel free to drop me an IM or notecard.

With luck these problems will  be resolved in a few days, if not, please don’t give up on us and we will work to find a way to provide to you a safe communication method thats not to difficult to use and offer you the community the assistance you may require with building and support of your various creative entities in Second Life.

Hold on tight!

-LilMatty Althouse
-BRN Owner


BRN Grid Discussion #2 announcement The future of our World.

Posted in BRN NEWS on April 27, 2009 by Matty

Ok for my reference = 9am = 4am Matty Remember =

9am SLT Saturday Morning.

Ok now for you all! hehe, Next Saturday at 9am SLT I will be hosting a meeting, discussing the changes for adult content, I made a meeting a few days right after the announcement of the adult content and it proved very popular with people asking for a followup, and this is the followup but if you want to understand the future changes, the impact on business, and what this means for the BRN and other non proffit organizations feel free to attend.

If you all remember I made much fuss to get LL to announce the changes in thef irst place and I want to make sure that all possible have a chance to understand exactly what this means for the world.

Transcripts will be posted if you cannot attend on the BRN blog much like the first ones already up.

The different between now and then is that we are much more prepared.

find below important links.

BRN Grid Discussion 1 Transcript:

About Maturity Ratings

Adult-oriented content controls FAQ

blog post with provisional dates:

There is a forum thread where you can post your questions for a LL representative to answer

-LilMatty Althouse
-BRN Owner

Lava Inside Open Source Scripts!

Posted in BRN content Updates on April 27, 2009 by Matty

lava-insideWell with the closing of Lava Inside a bunch of scripts were made open source, the BRN has kindly with the wonderful most AMAZING help from Vji, put these into a notecard for easy use, and we have hosted them up in Freedonia Second Floor, directly west of the stairs you come up on!

Thank you Lava Inside for the wonderful Scripts, thank you Vji for putting it all together!

-BRN Blog Team!

#11 In Focus! Part C! Marketing in SL using third party tools available on the web

Posted in In focus on April 17, 2009 by Matty

Marketing in SL using third party tools available on the web!

Well the previous articles we looked at community management, and the various ways to market yourself, within Second Life without the assistance of various tools available outside of Second Life, This article, Part C! I am going to look at various ways to market using those tools outside of Second Life on the web.

What are the various tools are there to market with outside of Second Life?

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Fantasy Street Light Lanturn!

Posted in BRN content Updates on April 13, 2009 by Matty

fantasystreetlight_001Well, if you all saw my cute notice for easter, I gave you all a lanturn tree, however this is what I really was looking forward to adding! It’s the second half of the Fantasy Street set, the first half being the street sign, finally I got around to making the Lanturn, and added it! So finally the street light is done!

Thank you all for being patient, I know it took a while I just needed motivation!

You can pick up, free of course in the first booth to the west at Mattys Low Prim store: Akihabara

Don’t forget to donate to keep the freebies growing and the BRN floating.

-Happy Building!
-BRN Blog Team


Posted in BRN content Updates, BRN NEWS on April 12, 2009 by Matty

landmarkgiver_001The Builders Resource Network would like to welcome into our family The Texture Market, owned by Connie of Kiwi Paradise.

The Texture Market is a market full of thousands of textures, most free and some at very low prices (10L the cost of upload) that can be used in builds, all of which are uploaded and given out with the permission of the builders.

(If you see anything that should not be there IM Connie so it can be removed)

It has been a long process to organize and negotiate this invitation and merger into the BRN, and we are happy that at long last it has finally been completed.

With this announcement it now takes the Resource Network locations to a total of eight!

A new Landmark Giver created by Vji has also been made to go along with this announcement, I would like to personally thank Vji for his time and effort, and its helped cut down on the estimated 3 weeks to work on all the little details to a mere two!

Don’t forget to donate to keep the Builders Resource Network growing and the collection of freebies expanding! Every linden counts!

-Happy Building
-BRN Blog Team!

A Year old and 200 Members strong!

Posted in BRN NEWS on April 8, 2009 by Matty

WOOHOO! What a mission its been, growing the group has been tough, not to mention tiring… I think a lot of the moderators and long time supporters would be happy to hear that we are finally a year old, and our goal of 200 members has been achieved at last!

With that I wish to send you all a thank you, especially those of you who have stuck by me through a lot, those of you who helped me return to Second Life, and most importantly, those of you who are patient with me, and let me go about things in my own time so that I do not get overwhelmed.

With that I wish to place some names below who I believe deserve special thanks for their outstanding effort in the Growing, continuation, and creation of what has become the Builders Resource Network.


Thank you for your original support of the Builders Resource Network, when first starting it was a struggle but you and the Builders Exchange stuck by it, so I do believe that my first thanks should be to you!


These two were the original founders of the Builders Resource Network, not to mention donators and contributors.

The Moderators


The Donators!

Ak Yip
Arba Croatia

And!! The Builders who help with the events and the Freebie locations you all like!

Pippas Papp

I know many of you fit in Multiple Catagories, so I put you in the ones I first clicked on goign down the group -giggle- As for the Long Time supporters! There is just to many to list! But rest assured I know each of you personally and as I see you I have sent quiet a few of you personal thank you messages!

Lets hope this next year will be another year of growth, and thank you all for supporting us this far, its going to be tough to keep the BRN floating during these troubled times in both the real world and the virtual problems we are facing in Second Life… but I am sure that we will find away!

-Happy Building!
-BRN Blog Team