#11 In Focus! Part B! Marketing in Second Life!

Hope this helps Keanu!

A Brief History

Marketing in Second Life was once limited to attracting people in Second Life to your store through incentives, or by being located in a strategic position that would allow you to gain foot traffic and in return gain sales. However as with marketing using the internet has changed in what so many of you call ‘The Real World’ so has marketing changed within Second Life, no longer limited to just attracting people through strategic placement, or incentives the world of Marketing in Second Life has become a big industry all on its own, at least big in terms of Second Life. You can now market using various tools, and with the competition being tough!

Communication is your friend!

What are the various ways to market within Second Life?

So the first question, what ways can I market in Second Life! Well this question, is a tough one! The different channels you can use within Second Life are no longer limited, with the introduction of things Like Twitter Huds, and other tools… you are no longer limited. The six traditional ways however are still, at least as far as I am aware!

1) Strategic Placement/Location/Navigation

Location is very important, not only in terms of having a nice attractive place to create an enjoyable experience but in terms of being able to navigate, and I must admit. I am horrible at decorating and very much fail at this one. Having a store that allows people to move either between different product ranges, or between different products without having to zoom to much, are always going to get noticed first.

2) Incentives, Lucky Chairs/Freebies/Camping Chairs etc

Incentives are important, in fact… they are one of the most powerful influences on number 3, traffic, and the number one reason people join groups (unless this has changed in the last few months) Incentives come in many forms, from freebies such as the BRN, to Lucky Chairs, Camping Chairs and discounts. Whatever the incentives are, you must remember to be creative. In a place such a Second Life with no regulation, and at times little cost… you have to deal with market saturation… Where there’s just so many people doing it, if you don’t think outside the square you will have trouble picking up customers

3) Traffic via the Search

Traffic… this is a tough one, some people use it, and others don’t… me personally… I do not bother. Traffic is what places you’re listing above another on the search, and unless you have an endless pocket, or a lot of incentives you will find this one hard. Very few places on the traffic actually have real people at them, I call them drone colonies, and full of bots and campers… however that is a personal opinion. You can as a few places have shown, such as The Shelter, have a wonderful place that’s high up on the traffic meter… As I said, however the presence of bots means that the traffic counter is oft en faked. No one is 100% sure how it is calculated, but if you throw a successful event you are sure to get a higher number than that of the day before.

4) Events My favourite!

Events! Dance Parties, Christmas Parties, Resident gatherings and games! Events are by far, the most useful, but not something a lot of residents take up. The reason for this is because of land, you need a good amount of land to have a good successful event. So this one is limited… Another reason people do not use events as a marketing tool in Second Life, at least to my experience… is that they see Events as a tool of clubs, or dance halls.. and not something that actual stores can do. However if you do plan right, such as the creation and the for sale of certain product lines. If you have a large enough group. You can Market opening events and gain interest.

5) Group and Notices, conferences and management.

Groups and Group notices are not just useful for marketing, but also are a good tool of management. Groups can assist in managing of your land and staff via titles and abilities, allowing people joined to your group, know the management structure of who works for you or with you. Groups notices, a popup that you can send as a way of updating your customers about events or products are the most useful tool you have, this will allow you send information if your customers allow it to their email if they are offline. It is important to note however that your customers can turn off notices off and quiet often it is useful to send a follow up message using the group conference function. Group conferences are also useful for customers with problems with your products or questions about events, where they can ask the questions and someone, perhaps not even a staff member but just a friendly member who knows the answer can reply. The last use for groups is discounts, you can have objects that using the correct scripts, can allow group members to purchase that a non group member cannot, this can allow you to sell things to group members at a discounted price, giving a good incentive for customers to join your group.

6) Word of mouth (Viral Marketing)

This kind of marketing is what the affect of all your marketing should create. Be so creative, so productive… that you generate buzz, have people talking about you and more importantly… create loyal customers who tell their friends and come back continuously.

How can a community Manager/Business owner use these tools

The traditional tools are useful, because after all being in-world and closest to the community itself, or as marketing deems your potential audience means that they will be the most used. They are what all of your community and target audience can relate to and cab be used to target audiences if you choose to that may not normally buy your product.

Ok everyone since this post has gone on to long, I will continue it again i na Part C! I just need to stop going on! I think I get to carried away, hope this helps.

-Happy Building
-BRN Blog Teama

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