LL’s first break of Silence on the changes to come this year.

Dear Building Community

We have taken great pride in our creations, in our second lives and out way of lives, we have accepted and tollerated one another in a way that is to be admired. Recently in group chats, I had a few conversations with you all within the Builders Resource Network, about the possible fears and changes that LL may be undertaking this year, especially in reguards to there direction with Second Life. Including what may possible be a merger of Grids with Teen Second Life.

I sent a few Letters to LL, to many friends within LL, and expressed the concern by points raised within these group chats about these fears, I begged them to come to a discussion on these possible changes, if not to participate but to just educate, about the communities wants and needs. My group the Builders Resource Network like any builders group shares something of a collection of various parties, all of which of course would have different voices on many opinions.

Linden Labs has declined this request, but instead has given a response to these letters via the blog.

As many of you know I have tried to always look out for the communities of Second Life. I have always tried to assist you all in anyway I can, from building tools, to informative tips, freebies for decoration and an outlet of expression. Part of this always has been voicing out, trying to find information and assisting the community in growth, development and promotion.

Because of this I wish to Invite you all to the discussion, as mentioned in previous group chats before… it is important that we maintain a voice, even if Lindens are to hear the concerns or not, justso we can each begin to understand each others view points. From the various communities that inhabit this vast and infinite land… so that we can best defend and maintain a view point that respects a majority of the community.

I myself personally am not for or against adult content, I have friends in every community, in every group. I am against child sex, and that has been voiced many times before- though I wish you all not to hold that against me.

Perhaps this is a conincidence but given the timing, and the group chats we have had, I do not think so, and even if so- we can all agree… SL may undergo some of the largest changes in it’s history this year.

These meetings will be hosted at 3pm SLT Saturday the 14th. at the BRN event hall at Akihabara.

Below is one of original letters sent to LL on your behalf…

Thank you everyone for your continued support of the BRN.

-LilMatty Althouse


Hello Jack Linden- hmmm have an interesting problem and not sure about how to about it I figured I would IM you now while its fresh in my head before I go through all the channels

Basically I run the builders resource network ( https://thebrn.wordpress.com ) I am a very ancient SL resident, much before this ava’s creation and have been a moderator of some of the largest building and development groups here in SL and have spare-headed many community projects. However as of late, within the last month and a bit there has been much conversation about the strong possibility of a grid merger, which has put a lot of un-neccesary fear into the community especially in terms of those who are looking to invest in second life, do not want to find themselves… in a bad investment… my current plan is for a couple of weeks from now, to set up a discussion, between my group the builders resource network (around 190 strong) and a fewo the other builders groups here in SL of which I use to moderate. And it would be so highly appreciated, if perhaps there can be linden presence, perhaps a chance just to, ease a bit of the fear and anxiety.

I understand from a business point of view that this is a very hard thing to ask, afterall I have been the community relations officer for various companies and video game developers, not to mention a lecturer on viral marketing- and understand LL’s position of silence at this current time, but see as the groups I represent and which to set this up for, are some of the oldest store owners in SL, not to mention many education developers which I believe is the whole idea behind a grid merger, with so many communities… perhaps it will be educational for everyone to voice different views.-

Thank you very much Jack, and keep up the good work as head of Customer Relations

I am sure the direction LL is being lead to what is believed to be the best, and head towards a sustainable model to keep SL around just that bit longer. However we do need to be assured of that.

Thank you very much if you have read this

Hope this reachs you, and I do hope an answer can be given.

Excuse my spelling it is 4am.

Kind Regards

-LilMatty Althouse

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