Animated Sculptie Chair Set/Living Room Suite!

thebrnsculptiechairset1Woohoo, now that I am back I can FINALLY! release this animated sculptie chair set! It has been hiding in my inventory a while ago, and has been a fair-few blog posts since I promised to give out a ‘few’pieces of sculptie Furniture.

(Not that i had not given out any sculptie furniture if you all remember theres an animated scripted 9 prim sculptie bed out free)

Anyway! You can find it at the low prim store in Akihabara, the pieces of furniture were made using AK’s free Sculpties found right accross the river. Ehe entire set totals 21 Prims, you can find it in the last booth on the east side. Its full permission, just the animated scripts inside are not, Mod to your hearts content!

Don’t forget to donate! To keep the freebies growing!

-Happ building!
-BRN Blog Team

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