#11 In Focus! Part A! Online Community Management!

Well I was asked a few days ago to post a few articles on Community Management, having been in Second Life a long time (Even if unable to log-in right now) and holding an official position within companies, (Not just in Second Life) I cannot stress how important Community Management is.

Online Community Management is what holds a group, community, message board or chat… together, (However I have been doing a bad job and apologize these last weeks while not being online) and is that ribbon that ties everything together and keeps things moving.  So within this post, PART A! Which has been a long time in the making, I will go over the basics of community management.

A Brief History

Well that’s a very hard one! Community Management is a very new area, in fact most companies did not even think about it till the very late 90’s, it was then during the Dot Com Boom that companies faced a dilemma… Just how do we keep these thousands of people visiting our sites, to actually come back and even more importantly… how do we market to them? The reason this came about was all of a sudden the basic marketing principle which applied to consumers, suddenly didn’t work… it was as if a bomb had come and shaken the foundations.

The answer came with the idea of Community Managers, not a new idea, but a new idea in terms of the internet. Before this time it was primarily held by administrators, but as more organizations, companies and start-up business found themselves moving to the internet for profit there came a need for a special type of administrator, one that could deal with the power, but was not in full control and even More importantly, someone who could be a face for the company and organization and who could plan events, in short a basic Public Relations officer, but specifically for the community, not for business to business relations.

So just what exactly is an Online Community Manager/Management? What does it entail?

Now! To what an Online Community Manager does in detail! Community Manages in short, Manage the Community, they engage and plan events, and they communicate with the community finding out its needs. They resolve Community disputes and make statements on all matters involving the community and Even more importantly…  They are part of it!

How Does Online Community Management relate to Second Life.

This is a very hard question, and it’s one that could go one for pages! So keeping this in a brief short description will be hard, that’s why I will probably continue this into the next post in more detail! Part B! However I will go over briefly just how Community Management relates to Second Life.

Online Community Management relates to Second Life so very easily, after all, most Second Life activity involves groups. However running these groups as they grow and expand becomes a mission, especially if you want to branch out, covering more topics, subjects and have a presence outside of Second Life in terms of a Blog or Webpage.

The basic role of a Community Manager in relation to Second Life is to keep the group active, so that it can grow. Plan events, get them checked over by the group owner, assist in selecting staff (if the expansion goes well) and most important, keeping the group owner informed on the on-goings of the group including the consumers needs and wants.

This effectively gives the group owner time to focus on other areas, such as business to business relations, promotions, sponsorship and expansion.

In part B I will go a bit more into detail of its relation to Second Life and! Go over some of the basic tools great for Community Management

Well I hope this covers some of your questions, to those of you that had some. I also hope that this makes some sense! It’s hard to write these things up on the spot, I sat there staring at the screen for an hour! And even had dinner in between.

Happy Building!
BRN Blog Team!

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