#10 In Focus! Those shortcuts!

Well this article is more a focus on, ust one of those things you should have… and in this case, its Kippie Friedkin’s cheat sheet… a sheet full of nothing but Second Life Short cuts.

It was posted last year on the Official Blog, and many of you may have missed it, or maybe newer. So I thought now would be a good time to post a link!

Just be warned you need a PDF reader to get it/download. If you click on it and it opens in a webpage, and your unsure of how to get it, you can right click on the link and go save as, and save it straight to your computer.

(Sorry I did not post last week, as there has been a lot on. For those unaware, the New Zealand government is trying to introduce a law that forces internet services providers to cut your internet service upon an accusation of copyright infringement (which means guilty before proven innocent) without trial… so I was helping someone with that, in terms of information…)

Can’t wait to be back in March!
Happy Building
BRN Blog Team!


2 Responses to “#10 In Focus! Those shortcuts!”

  1. Nekololi Woodget Says:

    For those that don’t have a PDF reader already, (or just don’t like Adobe’s) here’s a nice free program I’ve found: “FoxitReader”. It’s much faster than Adobe. There’s also a PDF editor available.


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