Dear Everyone – Please stop the chaos

It seems to me that many people believe that they can speak on behalf of me, putting words and opinions in my mouth without me actually being around to say that they are not my own, that is why I feel I must write this, in an attempt to please ask people to stop, that I will be returning in March, and that I do not need a bigger mess to clean.

First of all, I thank everyone who has continued their support of the BRN (Builders Resource Network) it has been a tough job to keep things moving without being there. Second I want to thank those in the BE (Builders Exchange) for their continued support, their contributions to Second Life Development and Resources and thirdly the Second Life Mentor group, which I think Highly of, respect their continued help and support of players new and old..

Some of you seem to think that I think negatively of the Builders Exchange and Second Life Mentor Group. I wish to tell you otherwise. I have received email from close friends of mine, people who I respect very much and people who I admire, as well as people who I trust. That such negative slander has been floating around about why I left the Builders Exchange, what I think of it and how I feel about it.

First of all the Builders Exchange is a very important group, it has over two thousand members, it has over half of my current group, and it’s a very important group to the building community in Second Life. I left the Builders Exchange, perhaps to some disagreements, perhaps to some hurt feelings but the main reason I left was to develop the Builders Exchange further, and expand it. Which as this blog has shown, has been a success.

I feel very honoured to have once been a moderator of the Builders Exchange. I think of it as one of my best experiences thus far in Second Life, one of them most exciting! I am proud the Builders Exchange is in great hands, that there are new moderators, as I was told and that things are still going well for them.

As for the Second Life Mentor group, I have always supported them, which has lead me into trouble at times in the early days of the help Note Cards. I have many friends in the Mentors group, I like the idea of the group as it is a wonderful gesture from Linden Labs the parent company to Second Life at Community Support in world long after they changed their support model. Many friends are in this group, and many friends of mine are Mentors.

I do not appreciate people putting words in my mouth, creating or generating false rumours, especially when it comes to what or how I think, during a time that I am unable to cope with them due to me not yet being back. (This will change in March)

I apologize to anyone hurt by these rumours, to any destruction caused and any problems that may come about up till the time I am back, and if they endure I do warn you, I will dissolve my groups and resources in an attempt to bring order and peace amongst the groups that seem to have angst against me. I have no fear doing so, as I have had a wonderful drama free month and a half, and at a time where my health is not so great… It may even be in my best interest.

To anyone who feels I have gone about this the wrong way, in expressing my thoughts during this time, I apologize and hope that if you are upset about this we can figure out what to do. However these are my thoughts, if anyone wishes to say otherwise, direct them here.

To contact me my yahoo user-name is located in my about page.

Nothing more will be said on this,Thank you all once again for your wonderful support.

LilMatty Althouse
Owner of the BRN


4 Responses to “Dear Everyone – Please stop the chaos”

  1. Tweed Woodget Says:

    Way to go Matty! See you soon! Tweedy

  2. Well said, Matty. Best of luck. And, see you in early March! hugs!

  3. Take it easy, and go where you wanna go! ^^

  4. Love you Matty… do whatever you need to to keep healthy. *HUGS*

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