ArbaCroatia closes shop, but the flags go up Free at the BRN.

One of our very dear contributors, supporters and donors  to the Builders Resource Network has informed us that he has closed one of his shops for good.

ArbaCroatia, creator of what many of you know as the free mini-flags, and the how to make a flag tutorial box has finally decided that it is time his flag shop came to a close.

However not all is lost! This wonderful builders and dear friend also informed me, that this event of closure will not mean the end of the flags, as he has also decided to make every flag he has made (All 50!) full sized, completely free, full permissioned and set up at the Builders Resource Network Low Prim Store in Akihabara.

Although this is the end of a chapter in Second Life with the largest flag store closing, I am sure its not he last of Arba and perhaps we will see more of his work around Second Life, or perhaps in my Freebie Stores soon!

Thank you Very much Arba for all your support, and we the BRN Staff, and myself wish to thank you for your continued contributions and wish you all the best with whichever venture you move onto next!

BRN Blog Team
Happy Building!


One Response to “ArbaCroatia closes shop, but the flags go up Free at the BRN.”

  1. Tweed Woodget Says:

    Sorry to see you close up shop Arba, but thank you so much for continuing to support Builders Resource!

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