The Fantasy styled street sign!

Due to popular requests from 6 or 7 people I have decided to make the Fantasy themed street sign a freebie at Akihabara Low Prim Store, full permission! Its in the first booth on the west!


Also in the booth! more new Content! Thanks to the kind donations of ArbaCroatia Camel We have 10 Free Trees! 20 Free Flowers! and the pack of Mini flags we were giving out by him is now even bigger! Featuring over 40! And also a Flag holding animation!

Don’t forget that if you have free self created builds or tools that you wish to give out to the SLorld! You can do so by IMing Lazric Lane, or LilMatty Althouse (although I am no longer to login I am sure I can organize it all.)

Please don’t forget to donate! Supporting the freebie stores was done mainly by me doing Custom jobs for people, and in order to keep the development of Educational resources, free tools and creations while not being able to log in (due to having no computer able to run Second Life) lindens are required for keeping some of the land.

Happy Building!
BRN Blog Team

One Response to “The Fantasy styled street sign!”

  1. Tweed Woodget Says:

    We are all rooting for you to be back soon Matty, and if there is anything we can do to help in the meantime, we will. :-)

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