#6 In Focus! The Stitch Witch!

image_mediumIn Focus this article is the Stitch Witch! A tool designed to make it easy for the average user to create a 3D texture for models.

Have you ever wanted to take an outfit, and change colors, layers, pockets, collars, buttons, fabric, etc on the textures?? When you buy textures from artists, you are limited to the styles they provide you.

Users of tools such as Poser are often in need for a specific item of clothing that isn’t available, and with creative thought dream up something new! Though don’t have the artistic ability to draw it from scratch…. it is in this situation that Stitch Witch can fill in the gap!

It provides you with an easy and fast non-artists solution to creating high quality clothing textures. It has tools to automatically add shadows, rotate fabric, tile lace along a curve, add buttons, lacing, and a few more.

Stitch Witch can also automatically create the transparency map for you, so there’s no need to create one yourself. It has an incredibly easy to use and powerful color picker tool, that lets you match colors as well as giving you special tools to import OBJ and OBZ templates, create shadowed effects, and more.

Stitch Witch also comes with a texture pack to get you started, or you could just use your own textures to create your own unique style.

Features in detail!

  • Create smooth outlines and curves, and fill with fabric, tile with lace, or dot it with buttons, using the easy tools provided.
  • Extract templates from OBJ files to use as a backdrop to help you line things up, and onionskin it over the project when you want to see the template over the picture, as well.
  • Resize fabrics dynamically, while avoiding jaggies and blurriness. You can resize the entire fabric, and the x and y directions independently.
  • Zoom in and out to work at your most comfortable detail level.
  • Recolor fabrics using powerful recoloring tools, add fog, and change the transparency.
  • Flip, mirror, rotate, align, shift the fabric left-right, or shift the fabric up-down.
  • Apply special effects to your fabric, including sharpen, blur, brightness, contrast, and more.
  • Add a drop shadow along the edge of fabric, lace, and buttons to enhance realism.
  • Add special effect shadows to make fabric appear quilted, draped, etc.
  • Add text at will to any location on the template, in whichever font, size, and color you like.
  • Render the resulting color and transparency maps to the desired output size.

Happy Building!
BRN Blog Team

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