#5 In Focus! Color Schemer Color Pix!

colorpix_screenIn Focus this article is the wonderful tool of Color Schemer Color Pix, sadly… this tool is windows only… so you will have to forgive me.

Color Schemer Color Pix is a wonderful tool that allows you to eye drop (a tool many of you are familiar with) and pick the color up of anything on your screen. The little Aplication loads up and can be dragged anywhere on your screen, I usually lock mine into the top right corner, it can be pinned so nothing overlaps… and this is where it comes in handy, it can be used with second life while in Windowed mode to pick up the color of any object, grass or texture… so you can finally see just what color that wood is. I use it to make matching furniture to bits and pieces I have bought, so that my room matches.

Once the applicaiton is open, pinned to the corner and Second Life it will however have a little flaw… it won’t be able to auto lock, a feature the application has to lock the exact RGB and HEX values usign the space bar … though don’t worry because I have found a simple solution to this… Alt + Tab, which will allow you to switch over your active window to the Color Schemer Color Pix box and then allow you to lock in the co ordinates. Just don’t move your box!

Another feature this tool has is the magnify Glass, allow you to zoom RIGHT up on whatever is on your desktop, this allows you to zoom right in if beign used with second life on the very pixel in a texture and cool out the darkest grey or the lightest grey, and so on… I found this useful when trying to make matching furniture that has gradients for textures. The zoom can be controleld right upto 1600%

As some of you know I am computerless right now so would have added pictures. I am sorry but hope you found this useful! I tried the best I could without a computer! IM me in SL with any faults to thispostand it will come to my email so I can update it! Grammar/Factual Info… I love this programme use it a lot but I wrote this o na cellphone!

Happy Building!
BRN Blog Team

One Response to “#5 In Focus! Color Schemer Color Pix!”

  1. Sweetheart Baskerville Says:

    Love this nifty little tool…no more guessing of colors now to match something I am building in Secondlife.com now…wooot thanks….

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