My Badly Made Barn.. but well it is free!

Ok, ok,ok! So I have made a Bad Barn, a very Bad Barn… actually its horrible… but I set it up free, for one reason… theres no other bad barns I know that are free… or good barns either… (If you do know of any let me know!)

the Barn has 3 Stools, a trough going through all 3, a Hay Loft and a flight of stairs going up, two big barn doors. Its made of wood, has a pointy roof, and two windows! That’s about it! You can pick it up at the Tutorial Library just on the path to the south. You can buy the box outside the barn doors.

In other news! Theres a whole good looking not so bad sculptie living room set going up free tomorrow or the next day! So enjoy! Also the next Infocus Article is written it just needs to be put up, sorry its taking so long its been a bust week already so far!

Happy Building!
BRN Blog Team!

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