Content Content Content… and a cute message board


Well I have got News and Content to end the week as it is now Friday here! The News I have is that we added a Message board in the Library! So you can post Lil thank you messages or if your after something in particular! To work it just click the board and a pop up Menu comes from there, its easy from that! Thank you AK Yip For sending the SLurl and Lindens to add that!

CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT! Boy! more Content just a day after that other content, but oh well not like more content can hurt.

15 Prim Bridge River/creek crossing Bridge is free at Tutorial Library! Crossing over to the beautiful Japanese building store of Pippas Papp. Its a nice simple bridge and I put it up free after a request. Thanks Wildstar for textured it while I was away form the keyboard and sitting with me as I made it.

A 1 Prim 5 texture display board! Yes! There’s a 1 Prim 5 Texture Display board! Its a Prism that’s been tortured! Thanks to Connie and Nekol for putting it in my head… I could not find the original but with the word prism to go by I figured out how to make one on my own! and set it up in Akihabara Low Prim store for all to go get.

Happy Building!
BRN Blog Team

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