Rest in Peace Chester Capalini

To my dear friends, I bring with me sorrowful news- our dear friend, contributor, builder and moderator, Chester Capalini has passed. May in the next, he find peace and safety.

He passed to neglected Pneumonia on December 30th, he just did not get to the hospital on time.

I have a very large pit in my tummy and I am sorry for this sad news so soon into 2009.

Click for SLurl to Memorial Stone.

-LilMatty Althouse

4 Responses to “Rest in Peace Chester Capalini”

  1. Tiger Bondar Says:

    Thank you, LilMatty, for these kind words. The sudden departure of my good friend Chester Capalini (1960-2008) has shocked many in Second Life. His kind, caring and loving person will be missed.

    May he rest in peace and find a relief for his daily pain.

    Goodbye Chester.

  2. Tiger Bondar Says:

    The “smiley” should of course be 2008. I’m sorry, but 8 and ) make that one.

  3. Thank you for your kind words.

    -LilMatty Althouse

  4. OliveEue Sholokhov Says:

    Oh Chester! You were a man of many talents! I just found out yesterday that you had passed away. Chester you made such a great impact in Second Life for the VWBB. You were always the one I could go to and say what do you think about this or that. You always made the time for me without question.

    You will surely be missed and my heart goes out to your family!

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