The Tutorial Library breathes at last!!

Well everyone, its been a long, expensive project with thousands of Lindens worth of tier and upload costs… but I can finally announce at last, that the Tutorial Library AKA The Establishment(Link is SLurl) is… ALIVE!

Please do come by and visit! Feel free to leave me IM Feedback, or notecard feedback, as well as that, I have updated all landmark givers with the appropriate landmarks, including the Art Escape.

I thank you all who have supported the development of this project, and I hope you know your donations have been used wisely.

I would like to give a special thanks to Pippas Papp and Wendi Breen, both been great contributors throughout the project, and without you both it would have taken longer than it has!

Feel free to donate to continue to expand and develop the BRN with more freebies.

Tomorrow or the next day I will be putting up a beautiful 9 prim Gazebo full permissions that you can mod, you can view it before I put it out at the Library by the fountains.

Excuse the Grammar of this post its 6:40am and I have been up a long time finishing this project!

Happy Building!
BRN Blog Team

2 Responses to “The Tutorial Library breathes at last!!”

  1. /applause! Congratulations! What a huge project! Good work, all :)

  2. the library is a wonderful achievement. Congratulations !

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